Savings account

Your money is safe and available at all times

Thanks to your savings account, you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Security

    Your capital is guaranteed, regardless of market trends

  • Liquidity

    Accessible anytime, 24/7

  • Flexibility

    Make deposits by transfer or standing order via S-Net or at a branch

Are you looking for a savings account for your children? Benefit from an attractive return, with our Young Customer savings accounts

The Tweenz savings account

The savings account for children between the age of 0 and 12.

  • Grow the savings of your children aged 0-12 years thanks to the attractive Tweenz rate.

Blocked savings account

The savings account that is blocked until the age of 18.

  • Open a savings account at an attractive rate that is blocked until the beneficiary’s 18th birthday.

You have just become parents? Discover our gifts for your newborn

Spuerkeess and LALUX Assurances offer EUR 150 to your newborn, of which:

  • EUR 50 will be credited on a Tweenz savings account  (opened by a legal representative)

  • EUR 50 will be credited on an insurance lalux-Study Cover 

  • EUR 50 will be credited on a savings plan S-Invest *

Your child may benefit of this gift up to the age of 12 months. Furthermore, your child will receive a nice surprise gift at our branch.

* Valid until the child's 18th birthday

Would you like to benefit from a higher return? By determining the length of investment in advance, our deposits enable you to achieve a higher return while guaranteeing your capital.

The deposits at Spuerkeess Flexibility, return, predictability

  • Secure: 100% transparency on repayment at maturity
  • Predictable: knowledge of rates and performance in advance
  • Effective: attractive rates to reward your loyalty

Is the return on your savings not up to your expectations? Discover our alternatives to classic savings!


Your investment funds savings plan in lux|funds.


When investing becomes as simple as saving.

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