Are you looking for an alternative to classic savings?

Your savings plan S-Invest An interesting alternative to conventional forms of saving

  • With S-Invest, you invest regularly, but at your own pace

    in lux|funds, investment funds of Spuerkeess.

  • You build up a portfolio with lux|funds parts

    and participate in the long term evolution of the financial markets by taking advantage of the so-called "average price".

Your benefits at a glance

  • Invest regularly, but at your own pace
  • No custody fees
  • 30% reduction on subscription fees
  • Investments starting from EUR 40/month

Simulate your S-Invest savings plan

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With S-Invest an investment of over years by saving would have allowed you to build up the following capital:

Invested capital
Total capital

The initial amount and the monthly amount chosen are taken into account for the calculation of the performance from the second month onwards.
Data on past performances and the simulations of past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances. Information relating to past performance is based on market reference indices the net asset values of the selected subfund provided by EFA (European Fund Administration S.A.). The accuracy of information from external sources cannot be guaranteed.
Data of the performances include the costs related to financial instruments as well as the management fee.
Discretionary portfolio management includes a risk of negative performance and loss of capital. Indeed, the risks are related to the potential fluctuation of the financial markets as well as to the quality of the financial instruments chosen by the portfolio manager. The redemption value may be less than the amount of the initial investment.
The recently launched sub-funds can be subscribed to in S-Invest even if they are not yet available in the above simulator. They will be integrated into the simulator once we have enough data to display a representative graph.

Not sure which fund to choose? Here are the most popular funds among our clients:

LUX-EQUITY High yield potential and risk level

LUX-EQUITY is a SICAV whose investment objective is capital growth in the medium- to long-term through investments in shares in high-quality companies located in OECD countries.

LUX-BOND Low yield potential and risk level

LUX-BOND is a SICAV whose objective is to obtain capital growth mainly by investing in high-quality bonds while favouring stable income.

LUX-PORTFOLIO Moderately high yield potential and risk level

LUX-PORTFOLIO is a SICAV whose objective is growth in the invested capital with stable income in the medium- and long-term. The SICAV invests in bonds denominated in EUR and USD from issuers located in OECD countries and shares in companies listed on stock exchanges in OECD countries. The "Balanced" strategy is rather defensive with a 40% share of shares.

Open your savings plan now, without visiting a branch S-Invest is like a standing order from your current account.

You fix the amount to be invested, set the periodicity and choose the fund that suits you best.


It's never too early to start saving Open an S-Invest savings plan for your child!

If the legal guardian opens an S-Invest plan for a minor child, Spuerkeess offers a gift of EUR 50 to be credited to the child's savings plan.

This offer is limited to one gift per child, regardless of the number of S-Invest plans opened.

Are you looking for a "tailor-made" solution? Choose S-Invest Plus!

S-Invest Plus A savings plan tailored to your needs:

  • Creation of a diversified securities portfolio in line with your preferences
  • Flexible investments according to your possibilities
  • Access to international financial markets with small amounts (min. EUR 40)
  • “Average price effect”: through constant and regular investments, you benefit from the smoothing effect of acquisition prices

Would you rather invest in gold? Subscribe to S-Invest Gold!

S-Invest Gold A gold savings plan with numerous benefits

  • Build up a reserve of grams of fine gold on a regular basis
  • Buying gold, even in small quantities, based on the price of a one-kilo gold bullion
  • Average price effect: through consistent and regular investments over a shorter or longer period, you benefit from the smoothing effect of purchase prices

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