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The deposits at Spuerkeess

The deposits at Spuerkeess

With Spuerkeess deposits, you benefit from a secure, predictable and efficient investment.

Speedinvest is a digital and automated investment product


Speedinvest is your digital and personalised investment plan, allowing you to invest according to your personal situation.

S-PENSION Build up capital for your retirement


Build up your capital for retirement and benefit from tax advantages immediately!

S-Invest, your Spuerkeess Investment funds savings plan


S-Invest offers an interesting alternative to conventional forms of saving. Opt for a lux|funds investment plan!

S-Invest Gold

S-Invest Gold

By regular purchases you build up, by small or large strides, a reserve in fine gold at a price based on the 1 kg gold bullion.



Choosing from our range of funds has never been easier. They have been developed to suit you. Short, middle or long term; you will find an investment meeting your expectations.

Equities and bonds, key components of your portfolio

Equities and bonds

Investing independently or accompanied by an advisor; Spuerkeess offers an appropriate solution for all types of investors!

Spuerkeess Asset Management, portfolio manager of the lux|funds funds of Spuerkeess

Specialised in portfolio, fund and risk management.

What is MIFID II?

MiFID II is the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive that will apply as of 3 January 2018. It reinforces current legislation by strengthening investor protection and transparency.