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The gift for newborns

Spuerkeess and LALUX Assurances offer EUR 150 to your newborn, of which:

  • EUR 50 will be credited on a Tweenz savings account  (opened by a legal representative);
  • EUR 50 will be credited on an insurance lalux-Study Cover ;
  • EUR 50 will be credited on a savings plan S-Invest *.

Your child may benefit of this gift up to the age of 12 months. Furthermore, your child will receive a nice surprise gift at our branch.

* Valid until the child's 18th birthday

Our saving accounts and savings plans for children A combination between return and security

1. Savings accounts

2. Insurances

3. Investment and housing savings scheme

* The subscription of units of the luxfunds range is subject to the applicable fees as described in the publication "Main banking fees: retail customers", available at

The Tweenz Club Gifts, activities and reductions for kids aged between 6 and 12

Tweenz Club has a lot to offer to kids aged between 6 and 12 wanting to manage and lay out their money to advantage as well as take part in interesting leisure and educational activities.


Our best offer

Up to 150 € offered at the opening of these products

Why you should switch from saving to investing for your children Find the answer in our blog article

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