25th March 2024

The long-awaited Google Pay is here!

Sophie and Marc are always squabbling about the same thing. While Marc is a big fan of Apple products, Sophie goes out of her way to use devices made by competitor brands – just to annoy him. And with the message that she has just received from her bank, the war is declared!

Sophie is also now able to make payments with her mobile!

For ages now, Marc has been teasing Sophie because she uses an Android phone. She has lost count of the number of times he has made fun of her because she had to pay for something with her bank card – “old style”, as he is so fond of saying.

But all that is now in the past! Her bank has just informed her that she can now use her mobile for making payments thanks to the Google Pay function in S-Net. Thank you Spuerkeess!

The scenarios in which Sophie will be able to pay using Google Pay

Online shopping

Sophie will be able to pay for purchases made online using Google Pay whenever the following logo is shown among the available means of payment:

And thanks to automatic form completion, she will be able to pay even faster: her card information will be saved in Chrome and on her Android devices. All she’ll have to do is click on “Buy with Google Pay”, choose her mode of payment… and it’ll be paid for!

In-store purchases

By adding her bank cards to Google Wallet, Sophie will be able to choose which payment card she uses when she pays for her purchases at the checkout. That way, she won’t have to bring her bulky wallet with her – just her mobile phone. To pay, all she’ll have to do is bring her phone towards the payment terminal and select her card (if she has registered several)!

Sophie wants to start testing her new way of paying immediately

And in two minutes, her wish will be granted! She just has to go into S-Net and then click on “Settings” on the home screen of her S-Net Mobile. Then she has to select “Google” under the “Payments” section. Here, she has to log on using LuxTrust, and then she will see her list of cards displayed. Then she can just choose which card or cards to add by clicking on the “Add to Google Pay” button.

As soon as she has finished configuring her new payment function, she can start using Google Pay!

Sophie can now pay for her shopping completely securely

When she pays with Google Pay, Sophie benefits from the same insurance and assistance cover as she does when she pays directly with her bank card.

What’s more, the card data stored by Sophie is kept safe with Google Pay. That way, not just her money but also her personal data are secure. Indeed, authentication, online transaction encryption and warnings protecting her against fraud are all included with Google Pay.

And Sophie is confident that Google won’t, under any circumstances, sell her transaction history or her personal data to a third party! That’s what being loyal to a brand means for her – a little like Marc is with his iPhone 😉.