Speedinvest When investing becomes as simple as saving.

The evolution of your savings is no longer up to your expectations?

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Participate in the performance of the financial markets with a digital and automated investment solution that is available with only a few clicks!

When investing becomes as easy as saving

Speedinvest is a digital and automated investment product that takes into account your goals and your financial situation, in order to optimize the return on your savings.


A tailor-made investment Speedinvest takes into account your goals and your financial situation.

No need to be an expert in financial markets. Answer a few simple questions and Speedinvest suggests a personalized investment plan.


Dynamic strategy
Balanced strategy
Cautious strategy

Max. 50% Shares

Min. 50% Bonds

If you accept a moderate risk exposure and seek a balanced position in the equity and bond markets, a balanced strategy is the right choice for you.

Main characteristics

Opening an investment plan has never been faster.
An investment solution as simple as saving.
Speedinvest includes an ESG approach in its investment strategy.
SpeedInvest is accessible with a minimum investment of only EUR 500.

Historical simulation of your Speedinvest

Your Initial Investment
Your monthly payments
Duration of your investment

Caution: The product presents a risk of capital loss. The redemption value may be less than the amount of the initial investment.

Data of the performances include the costs related to financial instruments as well as the management fee.

Did you know? You can subscribe to a Speedinvest in just a few clicks via S-Net and S-Net Mobile.

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