5th February 2024

This is why you should not use your debit card to pay for your holidays!

That's it, your annual leave is booked, now it's time to start organising your holidays! Has anything unexpected ever happened to you before you went on holiday? Since then, do you still hesitate to take out cancellation insurance? Find out in this article about the insurance and assistance services available to you, depending on the payment card you use to pay for your trip.

Travel insurance

Before paying for your holiday, it's essential to find out what insurance is included with your payment cards should something unexpected happen, so that you know which card to choose.

Travel insurance you can benefit from:

  • Trip cancellation/interruption

  • Travel accident (death/disability)

  • Stolen, lost and delayed luggage

  • Flight delay or extended stay if stranded abroad

  • Exemption from rental vehicle/e-mobility deductible

  • Purchase protection

A good influenza two days before you go on holiday or an accident that prevents you from travelling are good reasons to use your insurance to cancel your trip. But to do this, you need to have paid for your holiday (transport + accommodation) with the right credit card. Visa debit and Axxess cards don't come with any travel insurance!

The two credit cards Spuerkeess Visa Premier and Miles & More Luxair Visa, for example, offer cancellation and baggage insurance. If you have to cancel before your departure, you are covered for up to EUR 5.000/year/card with the Visa Premier and EUR 15.000/year/card with the Miles & More Luxair Visa. And if your luggage is stolen, lost or delayed, you can claim up to EUR 500/insured person/claim. Not bad, is it?

Assistance services

In addition to this insurance, there are a number of assistance services that you can call on if something goes wrong during your holiday.

Assistance services you can take advantage of during your trip:

  • Repatriation in the event of illness or death

  • Reimbursement of necessary medical expenses for outpatient treatment or hospitalisation abroad

  • Early return

  • Search and rescue costs

  • Assistance in the event of legal proceedings

  • Organisation and information services

  • Cash emergency

Visa debit and Axxess cards don't come with any travel assistance services!

Conditions to be met

When you pay for your trip, you must ensure that the following conditions are met for the insurance and assistance services to be valid:

  • travel more than 100 km from the insured person's home;
  • trip including at least three consecutive nights (this condition does not have to be met for assistance services);
  • trip paid for/blocked in the amount of at least 30%, payable by the credit card to which the cover in question is linked. This percentage of 30% applies to transport costs (plane, train or hire car) and/or accommodation costs (hotel, holiday home, etc.) and not to any deposit. This percentage must be paid/blocked before the claim occurs;
  • trips of less than 91 consecutive days.

Benefits for you:

The cardholder as well as his/her spouse/partner and children up to the age of 25, living in the same home or with the other parent (in the event of divorce/legal separation), are all insured, even when travelling separately.

Purchase protection

And did you know that purchases you make before or during your holiday are also covered by insurance against theft and accidental damage? And what's more, this is included in your credit card?

In the event of theft or accidental damage to your purchases, Visa Premier will reimburse you up to EUR 500 per claim and EUR 1.000 per year, with a minimum of EUR 50 per item. And with the Miles & More Luxair Visa, the amount is EUR 1.000 per claim and EUR 2.500 per year, with a minimum of EUR 50 per item. This protection is valid for up to 90 days after purchase.

There's so much for you to enjoy!

Collecting miles with the Miles & More Luxair Visa card

It would be a pity not to accumulate miles as you travel, wouldn’t it? For every trip you make and for every expense you incur, your miles will grow. These can then be exchanged for merchandise, flights or gift vouchers as you wish.

To sum up: Which card for which unforeseen event?

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