30th April 2024

Real Estate: The advantages of renovating your property in 2024

Buying to renovate, or simply renovating your property after several years because it no longer meets today's energy standards, is a great project that requires certain knowledge. Before taking the plunge, you should find out what's new in the energy sector by contacting various suppliers and also by checking out all the state aid and private support available to ensure you get the most favourable financing. In this article, we'll look into the good reasons to start an energy renovation project this year.

State aid for energy renovation

One of the objectives identified for 2023 was to simplify access to housing support. As a result, the ceilings, amounts and administrative procedures have all been reviewed, to enable a larger number of households to benefit from housing support. Energy renovation subsidies include:

State guarantee for a climate loan

Aimed at households on low or moderate incomes, this guarantee can be offered for the purchase of your first home, as long as you take out a mortgage with an authorised bank.

Interest subsidy for climate loan

The interest payable on your loan can be reduced if you want to carry out renovation or refurbishment work on your property and you have taken out a loan for energy renovations, such as an Ecoprêt.

Ecoprêt is a fast and flexible solution with many advantages

Your energy savings will be rewarded.

  • Loans between EUR 5.000 and 100.000
  • Favourable rate
  • Maximum duration of 120 months
  • No mortgage registration
  • No handling fee


You can apply for a Klimabonus financial subsidy when you want to carry out energy renovation work on your home, such as:

  • installation of a solar thermal system

  • installation of a photovoltaic system

  • installation of a heat pump, hybrid heat pump or hybrid system with heat pump

  • installation of a wood-fired boiler and particulate filter

  • installation of a district heating system

  • connection to a district heating system

  • thermal envelope insulation

  • replacement of windows

  • controlled mechanical ventilation

! Don't miss out on this offer, valid until 30/06/2024![1]

Klimabonus basic aid is valid for an initial agreement in principle submitted between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2026.

The 25% increase in simulated support is extended to 30 June 2024, with invoices issued no later than 30 June 2026*.

* Subject to finalisation of legislative and regulatory procedures. For more information, see Klima-Agence news.

[1] Information taken from the Klima-Agence website - Support simulator


Simulate the subsidies you are eligible for to renovate your home now!
And if you already receive a Klimabonus subsidy, you could also be eligible for a Klimabonus Topup.

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