MiFID II Knowing you better - serving you better

In force since
3rd January 2018

What is MIFID II?

MIFID II is the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. It reinforces current legislation by strengthening investor protection and transparency.


  • improved information
  • more transparency
  • better investment protection

Appropriate levels of protection according to client categorisations What type of customer are you?

Retail clients
Retail clients
These clients do not belong to one of the two categories listed beside. They have the highest level of protection.
Professional clients
Professional clients
These are large companies that meet criteria in terms of balance sheet size, turnover and/or own funds. They have the required expertise to make their own investment decisions. As a result, they have an intermediate level of protection.
Eligible counterparties
Eligible counterparties
These are financial institutions and their counterparties, such as partner banks or insurance companies. They have the lowest level of protection.

As a result of these regulatory measures, Spuerkeess has set up a range of appropriate and value added solutions to provide you with the best possible quality investment services.

The best execution principle Find here the reports of the best execution platforms

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