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Invest in precious metals with Spuerkeess

Spuerkeess is an active player on precious metals markets and offers you the opportunity to buy and sell on the scriptural market (ounces on current accounts) and also on the physical market (bars and coins by crediting your securities account or with delivery to a branch)

1. The scriptural market

Current accounts in XAU (gold ounces) and XAG (silver ounces).

The investor solely has a claim, but no ownership rights, over the precious metals.

Investors have the possibility to buy and sell gold and silver ounces via their current accounts. Spuerkeess will not physically hold the ounces. This market suits investors who merely wish to benefit from price variations in precious metals.

Margins between buy and sell prices are smaller than for transactions on the physical market.

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Current account in XAU

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Current account in XAG

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2. The physical market

Investors have an ownership right over precious metals which have been bought physically.

Investors who prefer to physically detain precious metals, can trade them through their securities account or have them delivered at a branch.

Margins between buy and sell prices are higher than on the scriptural market due to the costs of production, costs of insurance, cost of transport, etc.

2a. Precious metals trading through your securities account

Would you like to invest in the physical market without having to bother about storing precious metals?

We suggest you consider Spuerkeess’s offer to store physical assets on your behalf against a custody fee. The record in your securities account gives you an ownership right over your precious metals in the deposit. In case of a sale by the customer, the quality of the product does not have to be checked and a price can be fixed immediately.

Spuerkeess accepts the deposit of the following :

  • grams of fine gold
  • gold bars of 1kg, 500g, 250g, 100g, 50g, 20g, 10g,  5g and 1oz (ounce)
  • "Fairtrade" gold bars of 10g and 5g
  • gold coins BULLION (Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, ...)
  • several numismatic coins (Napoléon, Vreneli, …)

2b. Physical delivery to a branch

Investors who prefer to physically hold precious metals have the possibility of taking delivery at a Spuerkeess branch of their choice.

Physical gold bought on S-Net remains on your securities account. If you require a physical delivery, this is only possible by ordering gold in a branch.
Physical delivery of grams of fine gold is not possible.

In case of a sell by the customer, the price of the precious metals is fixed only after a quality check.

2c. Storing your precious metals in a safe deposit box

To keep your precious metals safe, you also have the possibility to rent small or large safe deposit boxes located at Spuerkeess’s head office or at one of our local branches. All your personal valuables can equally be safely stored in a Spuerkeess safety deposit box.

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