27th November 2023

Private Equity Structures at Spuerkeess

The contemporary wave of democratizing private equity investments, coupled with the recent modifications of Luxembourg's fund regulations, including the ELTIF framework, as well as the overarching trend of companies staying private for longer – all of these are driving the growth of Private Equity investments and funds in Luxembourg. In the context of these prevailing market dynamics: Why should fund initiators team up with Spuerkeess, both as a business partner and universal bank? This question is tackled by Claudio Pompei, Team Manager Business Development, Institutional Relationship Management at Spuerkeess.

1. What’s Spuerkeess’ strategic positioning within the Private Equity landscape?

Luxembourg has evolved into a very well-established hub for private asset investments, across Europe and beyond, fortifying its position as the go-to place for cross-border investor relations. The potential for further development remains far from being exhausted, bearing substantial prospects for growth.

In this context, private equity investment vehicles, private asset funds in general and their ancillary entities, have gained a strategic importance within Luxembourg's financial ecosystem. Even if the sharp increase in interest rates and the challenging global economic environment rendered fund raising slightly more demanding.

For over two decades, Spuerkeess has continuously increased its capabilities and service offerings such as depositary bank services, equity bridge financings, custody services, issuer services, FX hedging services, and of course cash accounts and payment solutions. Today, Spuerkeess has positioned itself as a strategic partner for private asset vehicles, funds, and their initiators by (1) modelling its services specifically to this client segment, (2) having installed a front-driven comprehensive and dependable onboarding process and (3) continuously investing into this client segment’s technical infrastructure.

2. Which service philosophy are you following?

As a full-fledged universal bank, Spuerkeess offers a wide array of services tailored to suit GPs, fund initiators, their funds, and affiliated entities.

Spuerkeess clearly emphasizes on its client-centric approach and has implemented a service model build on a holistic perspective on its clients.

Spuerkeess’ goal is to establish a genuine partnership with its private equity clients, encompassing all parties involved, including SPVs, GPs, carry vehicles, and more. A crucial element in achieving this goal is Spuerkeess’ relationship managers acting as single-entry point, all of which are multilingual, highly educated, client driven and well accustomed to service PE clients.

Alongside the human factor, the bank has continuously invested in its IT infrastructure in order to tailor it to the characteristics of PE funds.

3. What value are you delivering to your clients?

In essence, Spuerkeess provides a well-balanced mixture of stability, market expertise, and client-centric service delivery.

The provided value materializes through:

  • Holistic approach and long-term vision: Spuerkeess supporting initiators throughout the entire fund lifecycle.

  • Proven expertise: With a legacy spanning over two decades.

  • Comprehensive onboarding process.

  • Pragmatic service delivering: Our commitment to service our clients with a pragmatic and result-oriented approach.

  • Continuity: Spuerkeess’ industry leading low employee turnover rate, fosters knowledge retention over the lifespan of the funds.

  • Luxembourg as sole decision-making centre: The center of all decision-making remains firmly anchored in Luxembourg.

  • Commitment to Luxembourg and its PE/PA fund industry.

  • Critical mass to support large PE/PA structures.

  • Tailored services: Spuerkeess’ services suit the distinct needs of PE initiators, their funds, and affiliated entities.

  • Safest bank: Luxembourg's safest bank (AA+), backed by the Luxembourg state as the sole owner.

  • Robust Payment Infrastructure: Spuerkeess resilient time-tested payment infrastructure.


In summary, Spuerkeess positions itself as a well-rounded business partner for PE initiators and funds within Luxembourg's ever-evolving private equity landscape.

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