Your asset management with Spuerkeess

Let our experts manage your assets! With lux|mandate, you give our specialists the mission of investing your assets in our range of lux I funds and manage the capital invested on your behalf.

Take advantage of a transparent all-in offer Don't waste your time managing your portfolio: call on our specialists

  • A personalised investment strategy that respects your investment objectives, your knowledge of financial instruments and your sustainability preferences.
  • Transparent discretionary management available from an initial investment of EUR 25,000 for a monthly all-in fee of EUR 10 (excl. VAT).
  • Professional management by Spuerkeess Asset Management, which acts as an advisor in the composition of the portfolio.
  • A dedicated Personal Banker who will guide you through all your banking relationships
10,00  €

excl. VAT, regardless of the amount invested

Why opt for discretionary portfolio management?

Benefit from the financial markets' performance

Increase your return over the long term, without worrying about the ups and downs of the financial markets.

Choose the strategy that suits you

Your investment strategy will be determined in line with your investment objectives, knowledge and experience, and sustainability preferences.

Delegate the everyday management of your portfolio

A team of specialists manages your assets and takes charge of your investment decisions in line with your investor profile.

How do you build your tailor-made portfolio? Thanks to the different risk profiles and the inclusion of your sustainability preferences

Preference analysis

Determination of your risk profile and sustainability preferences.

Portfolio construction

Discretionary management allocates investments to different asset classes according to the strategy chosen, without your intervention.

Monitoring and reporting

Your Personal Banker will provide you with regular reporting and be at your disposal if you have any questions.

A tailor-made portfolio of lux|funds funds

lux|mandate is an investment solution managed by the experts of Spuerkeess Asset Management. This team of specialists provides recommendations on the allocation of asset classes, business sectors and geographical areas, whilst respecting the client's investor profile.

The lux|mandate discretionary management service is composed mainly of lux|funds, Spuerkeess' in-house fund range. These funds have been designed to perfectly match the needs of our clients and are managed in accordance with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment to reflect your values as well.

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