S-PENSION Build up capital for your retirement while enjoying tax benefits today

Benefit from a supplementary pension with S-Pension

When they retire, people often realise that the pension amount guaranteed by law is much smaller than their last salary. Private pension scheme of Spuerkeess increases the net amount of your pension. Get active and start building up capital in addition to your pension.

Save for tomorrow while enjoying tax benefits today!

The legislator encourages you to take out a private pension scheme contract by offering tax benefits, subject to certain regulatory constraints that include the following, in particular:

  • you must be an individual taxpayer resident in Luxembourg, or equivalent,
  • you must be under 65 years old,
  • you must take out a policy for a minimum term of 10 years,
  • the minimum age at which you may redeem the policy is 60 years and the maximum is 75 years of age,
  • the maximum annual amount deductible per individual taxpayer: EUR 3.200.

When the policy matures, you can choose between:

  • a lump-sum payment of all the capital accumulated,
  • payment in the form of a lump sum for up to 50% of the capital accumulated and the remainder in the form of a monthly annuity,
  • payment of all the capital accumulated in the form of an annuity.


Unaware of the tax benefits you can enjoy? Simulate the amount you can deduct from your taxable income

S-Pension plan
S-Pension plan
Secure your future and protect your living standards during retirement!
Housing savings scheme
Housing savings scheme
Save up in order to buy, build or renovate your home!
Life insurances
Life insurances
Prepare your children’s future and protect yourself against life’s misfortunes!

You can simulate, subscribe and check your S-Pension scheme directly in S-Net and S-Net Mobile

Take advantage of all tax benefits by filing your tax return with myTax, your digital fiscal assistant by Edonys on S-Net Desktop.

Invest according to your preferences Define your investment policy!

Your payments are invested in lux|pension SICAV of Spuerkeess. The SICAV includes several subfunds with varying investment policies. You can opt for a "stocks” or “flow” formula, with a predefined percentage in equities.

●   Repayment in the form of a lump sum is taxed at half the total rate, as the total rate is your average tax rate.

●   Half of your monthly annuity is exempt from taxation.

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