EMTN Debt securities issued by Spuerkeess

Euro Medium Term Notes Debt instruments with or without right to repayment of invested capital

When you buy a structured debt security, you are lending money to the issuer and become a creditor. The potential return depends on the performance of an underlying security, such as an interest rate or a benchmark equity index.

An EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) is a type of medium-term debt instrument issued in EUR and having a maturity of 1 to 10 years.


Spuerkeess: a reliable issuer
Spuerkeess: a reliable issuer
Aa2 Long Term Deposit Rating, Moody's. AA+ Rating, Standard & Poor's.
Attractive yield
Attractive yield
Attractive yield potential, known from the start

Structured debt securities may vary significantly in terms of capital protection and yield mechanisms. For some issues, your capital is not protected.

The most recent issue Callable step-up

A callable step-up is a debt instrument that allows the issuer to increase the interest rate paid to investors at a predetermined date, known as a step-up date.

In other words, during the first (few) year(s) of the instrument’s life, the interest rate is fixed and predetermined. However, at the step-up date, the issuer will raise the interest rate, thus offering investors a growing yield.

The term "callable" means that the issuer also has the option to redeem the instrument at the step-up date. This option can be advantageous for the issuer if interest rates have fallen because the issuer can redeem the bond at a lower interest rate. In return, the investor receives an attractive interest rate.

Invested capital is repaid in full at the final maturity date or at the step-up date in the event of early redemption. (Capital protection)

EMTN 3502 "Callable Step-Up"

EMTN 3502 "Callable Step-Up"

05.12.2023-05.12.2026 3,55 % - 3,70% - 4,00%
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