18th September 2023

Contactless payment, mobile banking and the first debit or credit card

When your child starts secondary school, he or she will enjoy greater freedom, but with it will come greater responsibility. To make this period of change as stress-free as possible for you and as safe as possible for your child, we've put together a checklist to help you get through the back-to-school period.

How to start the new school year hassle free?

Starting secondary school is a big step towards greater independence for your child and a step towards adolescence.  

Summer is drawing to a close and Sophie's niece Emma is already eager to get back to school. She's looking forward to engaging in passionate discussions with her teachers and learning new things, not to mention making new friends. She'll have lunch with her girlfriends and meet them for ice cream or a movie after school. But what about her parents? Sophie remembers how excited she was as a first-year secondary girl. All the silly things they did back then... 

Come on parents, a little optimism!  

To simplify your back-to-school experience, we've put together a: 

Back to school (financial) checklist

Axxess Start the banking package for secondary school kids  

From the age of 12, Emma can take benefit from her first banking package Axxess Start. Having her own banking package is part of this new stage in her life: managing her expenses and having an overview of her financial situation is an important learning process. 

Axxess debit card

The free Axxess debit card will enable Emma to use it on a daily basis as a contactless method of payment in shops or online. 

With her debit card, she no longer needs to always carry cash with her: if she needs to, she can withdraw cash from a Spuerkeess ATM or any other ATM in Luxembourg and around the world. 

What's more, her card will give her access to special offers and discounts in multiple partner shops. All Emma must do is present her card to take advantage of the offers.

Rest assured, Emma won't become a big spender just because she uses a debit card. Entrusting her with the management of her personal finances will enable her to quickly understand and respect the value of money. The real-life experience will give her new skills, such as managing a budget. 

The Axxess debit card has the advantages of not allowing the account to be overdrawn and of providing a good overview of spending (immediate debit). Emma will only be able to spend the money in her account and up to the limit set by her parents. 

Visa credit card – from 15 years on

With her parents' consent, Emma will be able to order her first Visa credit card from the age of 15. When Emma is a little older, the credit card will give her a wider range of possibilities (travel, online purchases, card insurance, etc.). 

She'll be able to make purchases independently and safely within the payment limits set by her parents.  Having her own credit card is certainly a new responsibility, but it's also part of learning to manage spending responsibly.  

One day, she'll subscribe to online music and film streaming services, and maybe Emma will start hunting down bargains on the web for clothes, make-up and vintage pieces. 

Banking at your fingertips: S-Net Mobile

With her Axxess Start, Emma also benefits from the S-Net Mobile application, an asset for her and her parents. The app allows both to keep an eye on her financial situation.  

It's simple to find out if she has enough money to go to the cinema on Friday night. 

And if one day she decides to embark on her first solo-adventure, she can use MIA (the personal financial assistant) to save for a future holiday with her friends.

Check her account and manage her spending independently at any time!

Contactless payment methods: Apple Pay and Payconiq

From the age of 16, Emma can link her debit card to her Apple Pay and pay with a connected watch or smartphone.  

Payconiq is part of the S-Net Mobile repertoire from the age of 12 and will enable you to send your child their lunch money in one easy, stress-free

Not sure yet? An advisor will be able to suggest the right solutions for you and your child, just get in touch.

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