28th February 2023

Need a new car? Get it the easy way with a Lease Plus leasing!

You are an expatriate in Luxembourg and you need a car? Lease Plus is the perfect leasing solution ... not only for expats!

Thanks to her friends Sophie and Marc and thanks to Spuerkeess’ Expat Services, Shauna managed to settle down in her new host country quite quickly. During the first weeks of her stay, she enjoyed visiting the country, started her new job, met lots of nice people, moved into a nice little country house she rents and Matthew and Dylan, her twins, quickly found new friends at school.

As, back home in the USA, her 8 years old boys loved to play ice hockey at the local club, Shauna was delighted to hear that the “Luxembourg Huskies” are always happy to welcome new players amongst their members. The only problem is that the Huskies’ training field is a 10minute drive away with no direct public transport. So, even if Luxembourg is the country of short distances, Shauna needs a car right away!

Lease Plus – Spuerkeess’ all-inclusive leasing solution, also for expats

Shauna definitely is not what you call a “car addict” and therefore she has decided that she does not want to worry about wheel replacements and other time-wasters that car owners have to deal with. So she decided to sign a Lease Plus contract with Spuerkeess. Thanks to the “Best deals” on www.spuerkeess.lu/leaseplus, she quickly found the nice roomy electric SUV that she immediately fell in love with.

By choosing an electric car, Shauna not only acts in respect to nature, but she is also able to take advantage of the financial aid for electric vehicles granted by the government.

Of course, the state subsidy is taken into account for the calculation of the highly competitive monthly leasing rate. As she is planning to stay in Luxembourg for the duration of 5 years and Shauna is not sure where life will lead her after this time, she has chosen to lease her car for this same period of 5 years. By doing so, she will not have to worry about what she'll do with the car in the case she eventually leaves Luxembourg.

And, what’s even more important:

with all the current talks about diesel, gasoline, hybrid and even electric cars, she is sure that she doesn’t have to worry about reselling her new car, because the leasing company will take the car back. 

If, like Shauna, you have kids who want to play ice hockey, double bass, or anything else that takes up a lot of space and you need a new car with more room, or if you would like to switch cars just to treat yourself, choose Lease Plus, our all-inclusive leasing offer. The only thing for you left to do is to fill up the tank or plug in your car. We will take care of the rest!

And if Shauna’s husband wants to get an electric bicycle to cycle to work without breaking a sweat, he can also enjoy a financial aid.

Discover more about the state subsidy :

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