1st July 2024

Will Sophie manage to win her father over to Luxtrust Mobile?

Mayday! Mayday! The moment Sophie has been dreading has arrived: from 31 December 2024, it will no longer be possible to access S-Net without using Luxtrust Mobile! That gives her six months to convince her dad to accept the technology and replace his physical Token with the Luxtrust Mobile app. And if you’d had dealings with her dad, you’d know that’s no easy task!

Goodbye physical Tokens

Even back then, when Sophie's dad had to start using the physical Token to access his bank account, he just couldn't understand it! He kept complaining: "Where did I put this stupid piece of plastic?", "Why do I need a plastic toy to make a transfer with MY money?", "Why make it complicated when it could be easy?", and so on.  

Sophie was always there, inspite of herself, to help her father and it took a long time before he came round to the idea that the “piece of plastic” was actually called a “Token” and that it provided more security for his money than a simple password. And that was it! Although her father no longer talked about it and had got used to it, soon Sophie would have to start the whole thing all over again… 

The idea of having to explain to her 76-year-old father that from now on, he'll need his smartphone to validate a bank transfer seems like mission impossible! So she went to her bank's website to find the arguments that would certainly answer her father's questions, and found out how she could sell him the idea and be better prepared for him, a man completely unreceptive to anything new. 

Why is authentication with Luxtrust Mobile becoming compulsory?

As a result of technological developments, online threats and European regulations governing authentication processes for payment methods, as well as ever-increasing security requirements for online transactions, authentication methods have had to be replaced in all countries. Following a review of the systems in place, and in order to facilitate access to online banking and maintain the appropriate level of protection and security for customers over the coming years, the Token, which has been used on the Luxembourg market since 2008, will be deactivated on 31 December 2024 and replaced exclusively by Luxtrust Mobile. 

Why are online transactions more secure with smartphones than with Tokens?

With a smartphone, there are several authentication steps to be completed before you can validate an online payment with your bank card, for example, which necessarily makes the payment more secure! 

Unlike the Token, you don't just need to be in possession of the smartphone to be able to use it: you need to be able to unlock it before you can access the Luxtrust mobile application. And that’s not all. In short: 

  1. First of all, you need to unlock your smartphone (PIN, TouchID, FaceID, etc.); 

  2. Then, once in the Luxtrust Mobile app, certain details of the transaction awaiting validation are displayed (recipient, amount, etc.); 

  3. Finally, if the details displayed are correct, you need to enter your PIN (or FaceID) to validate the transaction. 

And in the case of bank transfers, it's much the same. Once in S-Net, to validate the transaction, you need your smartphone. This means unlocking your mobile, opening the Luxtrust Mobile app and authenticating yourself to validate the transfer.  

With a physical Token, you only need to press one button to turn it on and see a code displayed. However, you can’t see which transaction it corresponds to, which could be problematic in the event of theft. This flaw is a weak link in online banking security and obviously attracts hackers' attention. 

What happens if I don't have a smartphone or don't want to use the Luxtrust Mobile app?

You must migrate to Luxtrust Mobile before 31 December 2024 to avoid getting blocked and being unable to validate online transactions. For customers who refuse to use a smartphone (or who do not have one), or who do not wish to use the Luxtrust Mobile app, there is a small device called  "Luxtrust scan". However, there is a charge for this, whereas the app is free 😉.

With all this in mind, Sophie thinks she has enough arguments to change her dad's mind, but this transition will certainly not be achieved without some protest. As with any change, she's sure it will take some getting used to, but having already migrated herself a few months ago, there’s no way she’d go back to the physical Token!  

All those times she was stuck on holiday without her Token are now a thing of the past, her mobile phone being her constant companion! 

To avoid finding yourself in a similar situation, you can migrate now, so don't wait until the last moment to do it. Your online transactions will be better protected and you will no longer risk being blocked. Goodbye Token!  

What if I change my phone number or device?

No problem, you can duplicate the data. Make sure you update your profile when you migrate. 

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