15th May 2023

Investing “made easy” with S-Invest Plus

It’s been a while since Sophie and Marc bought aunt Elise’s beautiful house. Finally, the works are almost finished and they’re getting ready to move in. The costs of the renovation, the mortgage and the interest charges have made Sophie and Marc’s savings dwindle. With Marc’s parents having decided to sell their house in order to live in the South, they have given their children some money. This money, the young couple wants to invest in the family’s future.

How to invest in a different way?

Sophie and Marc are conscious of the choices they make in their lives. They are trying to make the right decisions in line with their views on sustainability and their ecological footprint.

Just as they decided to renovate their new house to improve its energy rating, they are looking for an ethical, sustainable investment offering returns that are potentially higher than a traditional savings account.

In their search for the perfect investment, Sophie contacted her Personal Banker at Spuerkeess and made an appointment to discuss the best plan.

First step: the risk profile

During their meeting, the Spuerkeess advisor explains the obligations imposed on the bank by the MIFID II* directive.

Sophie and Marc therefore take their Suitability Test, which classifies them in an investor profile corresponding to:

  • their investment goals and their risk tolerance;
  • their financial situation and their capacity to bear losses;
  • their knowledge and experience in relation to financial products and services;
  • their sustainability preferences.

In the same way, it analyses their risk profile (Security, Conservative, Balanced, Growth or Offensive) and their needs in terms of sustainable investments (Committed, Interested, Neutral on sustainability).

Second step: choosing an individual savings plan

Although Sophie and Marc are informed and interested customers, they are looking for a way to invest without too much hassle. Sophie received a lot of information when she attended the annual Stock Market Learning offered by Spuerkeess and she is also very aware of the risks and behaviour of financial instruments.

Wanting to invest EUR 50.000 as a base capital for their future, both opt for the S-Invest Plus product, a savings plan that offers them “tailor-made” options according to their risk profile and sustainability preferences, as well as flexibility in how their savings plan is composed.

Given the ongoing turmoil on the financial markets, their advisor suggests starting with an initial investment of EUR 20.000 and spreading the remaining EUR 30.000 at their own pace over the next few months or even years through a recurring order. This individual savings plan offers the advantage that

Keep some cash

Sophie and Marc will be able to keep some cash, which they can use to meet any unexpected expenses

Average purchase price

They benefit from the smoothing effect of the average purchase price and can thus offset possible market fluctuations

What is the average purchase price (APP)?

With S-Invest Plus: no more excuses for not building up capital!

Sophie and Marc opt for an S-Invest Plus savings plan with a majority of sustainable investments.

S-Invest Plus is made up of products from the lux|funds range managed by Spuerkeess. These funds enable investors to benefit from the long-term performance of the financial markets.

In addition, with their S-Invest Plus savings plan, they can invest a monthly amount to grow their capital. This amount can be as low as EUR 40/month.

Third step: one report – one signature

Everything is easy with S-Invest Plus… instead of conducting a whole series of different operations when purchasing each financial instrument, one report and one signature is all it takes to finalise everything.

What about the performance of their portfolio, the fruits of their investment?

In the “Investment” section in their S-Net, Sophie and Marc can monitor the performance of their investment closely.

S-Invest Plus: the benefits in a nutshell 

  • Solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and risk profile

  • A comprehensive plan with a variety of investments offering more simplicity and lower costs

  • No custody fees

  • 30% reduction on subscription fees

  • Investments starting from EUR 40/month

  • A large selection of lux|funds

Making an appointment for an S-Invest Plus I want to be contacted by an advisor

Format: email@example.com
Format: 123 456


The product presents a risk of capital loss. The redemption value may be less than the amount initially invested. The performance data include the fees associated with financial instruments as well as management fees.

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