Axxess Start The ideal banking package for secondary school students aged 12 to 18

Apple Pay available from the age of 16

Pay faster and easier than ever with Apple Pay and Spuerkeess!

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Online and In-Store payments, as well as worldwide cash withdrawals. It's free with the Axxess card.

Online payments*
* From the age of 12, with the consent of your legal representative(s).

You can also withdraw money free of charge, from all Spuerkeess S-Bank ATMs.

More than just a debit card, Axxess Start is also:

  • an Axxess savings account at a preferential rate,
  • S-Net and S-Net Mobile access,
  • Axxess partner discounts,
  • one-off benefits throughout the year,
  • Axxess competitions to win many prizes,
  • exclusive events such as cinema shows.

With the Axxess card, you can immediately benefit from many advantages with our partners To take advantage of it, simply show your Axxess card

As an Axxess Start customer, you are entitled to a free Visa Classic card* from the age of 15.


With your Visa Classic card you can: 

  • pay in more than 70 million businesses
  • withdraw money at ATMs in more than 200 countries all over the world
  • link your Visa Classic card to your connected watch 
  • make your payments with Apple Pay**

Via S-Net and S-Net Mobile you can: 

  • consult at any time the status of your operations
  • be notified by text message for each transaction made with your Visa Classic card


* subject to approval of your application
** available from the age of 16

Do you already know MIA? MIA: My Intelligent Assistant, to better manage your accounts and your life

Do you want to better manage your expenses or plan to save for a trip, computer or other project? Then MIA is here to help you reach your goal more easily!

MIA helps you plan your expenses and save money regularly via S-Net and S-Net Mobile!


Axxess Start meets S-Net Mobile Stay in touch with your bank, without having to go to a branch!

S-Net Mobile

Take your bank with you, and do your main banking 24/7, anywhere in the world:
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Quick and easy access via PIN or Touch ID
  • Fast transfers

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