25th October 2023

Trick or treat for Halloween?

For her internship at the end of her university degree, Sophie had the opportunity to spend six months in the US. She had a great time, and was able to experience Halloween the way it’s supposed to be, just like she’d seen in the movies. It’s traditional in America for the streets to transform into rows of haunted houses, each more elaborately decorated than the next, and for residents to dress up as all kinds of different characters. This year, to mark the occasion of Shauna’s arrival in Luxembourg, Sophie is planning to invite her to a US-style Halloween.

Sophie has always been up for exploring new countries, meeting new people and soaking in their culture, so her six-month trip to the US was a dream come true. She didn’t waste one single weekend of her stay snoozing on the couch. What with the different places she explored, the restaurants she visited, her first Thanksgiving dinner and the wild Halloween party she went to – dressed as a hot dog – Sophie has very good memories of this immersion in US culture… and most importantly, she has come away with life-long friends, including Shauna.

Sophie goes all in on planning a Halloween party

Since her American friend Shauna moved to Luxembourg, they have been seeing and calling each other regularly… and now Sophie has invited her friend, her husband and their twins to come and celebrate Halloween at her house. They’ve accepted the invitation, so now it’s time to start planning the party!


Sophie has already chosen some themed recipes that are sure to spook her guests. The menu will feature: zombie fingers, mummy sausages, monster bites, ghost pizza, spider cookies and bloody cupcakes. Yum!

Sophie has also asked Marc to help with the desserts, because he has a special talent for sweet dishes.


Decorations are extremely important – don’t forget that, in the US, Halloween means competing with your neighbours on outdoor decorations! Sophie is very sensitive to the cold, so she’ll be looking after the indoor decorations, and has already found lots of things in the shops. She’s making a special effort with the “best costume” competition, so woe betide her guests if they fail to turn up in fancy dress!

For most of her in-store purchases, Sophie is an avid Payconiq user.

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How to configure PIN/FACE ID in S-Net Mobile?


Sophie is very creative, and has decided to go for a really original theme this year. That’s why she’s decided to take her inspiration for their costumes from Lily’s favourite fairy tale.

Marc will be dressed up as a wolf, Sophie as a witch and Lily will wear… red, like Little Red Riding Hood!

For Marc’s and Lily’s costumes, Sophie has visited letzshop.lu, where she plans to order Marc’s and rent Lily’s from a store that offers this service. For her own costume, she is planning to recycle some old clothes, because she thinks it’s an inventive solution, and also because it’s a lot of fun for her.

For all her online purchases, Sophie swears by her Visa Premier card, which comes with purchase protection insurance.


This is the kids’ favourite part! So, Sophie has already warned her entire neighbourhood that she’ll be coming round to trick or treat them. Anyone who doesn’t open up had better watch out!

So, who'll win the prize for the best Halloween costume?

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