30th May 2023

When a dream finally becomes reality

Since 2018, Sophie and Marc have dreamed of a trip to Japan, and this is when they started their "Japan trip" project in their MIA personal assistant. But as events unfolded, they became parents to little Lilly, there was the pandemic, the renovation of the house, and fulfilling this dream had to wait. Despite their other projects over the last five years, they have managed to save up for their trip to Japan. Find out about how they have planned it and how credit card insurance can help.

A major expense calls for a well calculated budget

Japan is a distant and exclusive destination, so such an expense must be well planned. Having saved for almost five years, Sophie and Marc now have the necessary funds to finally start planning their trip. As Lilly has already started school, the young parents decide to plan their trip for the upcoming Easter holidays. 

Planning: having something to look forward to makes us happy

It is difficult to decide where to go in Japan, a country rich in culture and beauty, as the fascinating cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima and the national parks on the island of Hokkaido appeal to everyone. 

But as always in life, you have to make a choice! Sophie likes to organise her own trips, so she starts searching on the internet and comes across a trip that satisfies all her desires: the grand tour of Japan by the Shinkansen (Japan’s famous "bullet train"). What an adventure for this little family!  

The route is mapped out, now what? All that is left to do is to book the international flights and depending on their itinerary, hotels and possibly other more traditional types of accommodation.  

They also now know which grants (private and public) and subsidies they are entitled to thanks to their energy renovation, including one final bonus from Spuerkeess: Ecobonus powered by etika!

With their flight not until next year, Sophie and Marc are looking into credit card insurance, as you never know what might happen in the meantime.  

Better to explore all the possibilities in advance in case of cancellation.   

Marc has a Miles & More credit card and Sophie a Visa Premier card, which include:  

  • Trip cancellation insurance; 

  • Baggage insurance; 

  • Purchase protection insurance;  

  • Online purchase insurance. 

A short checklist to make sure they don't forget anything!

They need to be well organised to plan a trip so far in advance. To make sure they don’t forget anything, Sophie draws up a checklist:

  • Check their passports are still valid; 

  • Check the process of obtaining a visa; 

  • Find out about any vaccinations;  

  • Find out about the climate, which can vary considerably in Japan; 

  • Learn about the culture of the country and especially the “do's and don'ts”.  

And finally look forward to this wonderful adventure, because the anticipation is already something to be savoured!

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