23rd November 2023

Banking made easy with LuxTrust Mobile

A rainy Sunday - time to tidy up your desk! It's an activity that often leads to long-lost items being found, such as the document Marc was looking for everywhere, his stapler and then his LuxTrust token. But hasn't he seen on social networks that we’ll soon be saying “bye bye” to the token? Find out how LuxTrust Mobile makes banking easier.

But what is LuxTrust Mobile?

LuxTrust products are designed to meet the security needs of both retail and professional users online. More specifically, they are designed to prevent identity theft and guarantee data integrity during digital interactions and exchanges. 

That's exactly why Marc uses LuxTrust. Since losing his token at a bad time, Marc has activated his LuxTrust Mobile application.  He can use the app as a digital identity document for online transactions, bank transfers via S-Net, or to sign tax returns electronically on myguichet.lu.

He appreciates the benefits of the LuxTrust Mobile application because:

  • It’s more practical - lost tokens are a thing of the past.

  • It’s easier to use (FaceID, TouchID) and can even be used on two devices (smartphones, tablets).

  • It offers improved compatibility with 3D Secure* when paying by card.

  • More information is required during validation ** compared to the token's OTP ("one-time-password").

(*) What is 3D Secure?

(**) the name of the beneficiary and transaction amount are displayed, as well as a reason for LuxTrust authentication access (e.g. S-Net login).

Bye bye token!

From April 2024 (note that this is not an April Fool's joke 😀 ), the physical LuxTrust token will no longer be supported for validating transactions in S-Net.



The migration will provide customers with greater security in the face of increasingly frequent fraud.

How do I migrate?

Marc has already activated his LuxTrust Mobile and has promised to help Sophie and their parents migrate to the application.

It couldn't be easier!

Over a nice cup of coffee, Marc:

  • Installs the LuxTrust Mobile app from the Apple or Android store.

  • Explains how to enter the UserID, password and OTP, for those who still have a physical token.

  • Explains how to set a PIN code (6 digits) with the smartphone name.

  • Shows how to finalise activation through LuxTrust text message (note that LuxTrust will only send the message after a 4–6-hour delay)

  • Makes his family aware that, once activated, LuxTrust will never ask for identification information by text or e-mail - the app will be the only gateway!

  • LuxTrust Mobile Userguide

    LuxTrust Mobile Userguide

    How to activate the LuxTrust Mobile app with your Token?

    1,88 MB Download

What should I do with my physical token?

In the medium term, therefore, the token will disappear for all authentication purposes. It may still work on myguichet for a while, but at some point, it will no longer be usable.

You can return the physical token to your branch to ensure that the battery and hardware are properly dealt with, both in terms of security and recycling.

Do you need assistance?

Don't have anyone like Marc who can help you? Our agents can help you with the migration in your branch and will explain how to use LuxTrust Mobile with your S-Net. 

Making an appointment for migration to LuxTrust Mobile I want to be contacted by an advisor

Format: email@example.com
Format: 123 456

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