25th August 2023

Why did Sophie choose the Miles & More Luxair Visa card?

Miles, miles and miles! With her Miles & More Luxair Visa card, Sophie accumulates "miles" and "more" by shopping, refilling her gas tank, etc. Now, whenever she makes the smallest purchase, she can’t help listing the holiday destinations she must add to her bucket list. But before she starts accumulating miles and converting them into trips, Sophie wants to understand the benefits of her new credit card.

5 good reasons to have a Miles & More Luxair Visa card

It’s true that Sophie has a spending habit, but the more time passes, the more reasonable she becomes. Is this a sign of maturity? Or is she simply becoming aware of her impact on the planet? She doesn’t know. What she does know, however, is that with the trend of rising prices, which affects almost all categories of goods - her weekly shopping as much as her holidays - she is much more attentive to her spending. Thus, when she had to choose a credit card, she began to compare all the cards available from her bank and opted for the Miles & More Luxair Visa card for all the following reasons: 

1. Be insured during your travels

Sophie loves to discover new places and go on vacation several times a year, and since the card offers: 

  • cancellation insurance,  

  • travel accident insurance,

  • waiver of the deductible in the event of an accident with a rental car,  

she immediately felt that it was made for her, and for her family. Yes, because it's not only Sophie who is insured, but all the people in her household, too; even Lily, until she’s 25 years old. 

2. Feel like a VIP

Sophie's inner Princess lit up when she read that with her card, she had 3 free entries per year to the Luxair Lounge at Luxembourg Airport!  

And the icing on the cake: she can also use the "Luxair Fast Lane" for free twice a year, which is very convenient with a child as impatient as her little Lily.  

3. Accumulate miles with ALL purchases

With her Miles & More Luxair Visa card, Sophie receives one bonus mile per 2 euros spent. Every time she makes a purchase, her miles increase, no matter what she buys or from where (restaurant, supermarket, shop, etc.). 

In addition, when she spends with Miles & More partners, Sophie accumulates even more miles: first, when paying with her credit card for her flight, rental car or accommodations, and again when she presents her card at the airport check-in counter. Her account fills up so quickly, she doesn’t even have time to keep track of her miles! 

Bonus miles are cumulative and do not expire, given that Sophie has had the card for more than three months and she uses it to make purchases at least once a month.  

4. Use your miles to treat yourself

Although the Miles & More Luxair Visa card is in Sophie’s name, when she travels with Marc and/or Lily, the whole family benefits from it! With partners such as Luxair, LuxairTours, etc., all she has to do is book a flight, a rental car or a night in a hotel, and she gains more points with her card! 

Sophie can spend her miles by buying items in the online shop, or by exchanging them for vouchers.  

And sometimes, Sophie takes a peek at the bargains on Miles & More Meilenschnäppchen. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll be able to travel in business class! 

5. Add credit retroactively

Sophie can occasionally be distracted, but if she forgets to enter her Miles & More number when booking her holiday, her miles will not be lost. She can recover them retroactively up to 6 months later by submitting a request.  

For all these reasons, Sophie believes that it is truly the card made for her, and she feels that she’s rewarded for each of her purchases. The challenge for her is to avoid spending more than she needs, but she’s been working on this for a while, and she’s doing fairly well.  

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