7th June 2022

Happy Mother's Day, mum!

Ever since she first became a mum, Sophie has loved Mother’s Day. She always looks forward to the day, wondering what Lily will have made for her at nursery. Then the big day arrives, and her special little girl presents her with a multi-coloured object, with a huge smile on her face, shouting impatiently, “It’s for you, Mum, open it! ”. What will Mother's Day have in store for her this year?

A notepad covered in glitter? Or maybe a pasta necklace? Perhaps a picture frame that’s sure to attract attention in the living room? Sophie’s already excited about what Lily is going to give her. What she enjoys most of all is that moment when Marc fights a losing battle to maintain some sort of suspense for the gift, while at the same time Lily is desperate to tell her mum everything.

This year, Sophie will once again be getting a hand-made gift signed by “Lily”; but in addition to that, Marc has something special up his sleeve.

Marc and Sophie: a love story that began on two wheels

Not only will they be celebrating Mother’s Day on 12 June, but it will also been fifteen years since Sophie and Marc said “I do” in front of their family and friends! It's their crystal wedding anniversary, so Marc has decided to do something to make the occasion a special one.

To understand why, let's take a look back to when they met, 17 years earlier… Their eyes first met on a beautiful spring day. Sophie was late for her first day of internship, and Marc – who had just been given his motorcycle licence – had decided to borrow his best friend’s Vespa to go for a ride and buy croissants from a bakery in the city centre. All of a sudden, an accident happened right in front of them.

Sophie, shocked, withdrew and started to cry, while Marc ran to provide first aid to the victim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. With the victim safely on their way to hospital, Marc saw Sophie in a corner, and went to comfort her. And… it was love at first sight! Worried she’d be late for her first day of training, Sophie unthinkingly climbed aboard the stranger’s scooter, and was given a lift right to her boss's front door. That evening, Marc was waiting at the building entrance to take her back home. And that's how their story began, with both of them swept away… on a Vespa.

So, as you may have guessed, Marc – who in those days couldn’t afford to buy one of these legendary two-wheeled classics (remember, it belonged to his friend) – had the idea of buying one for Sophie for their crystal anniversary, rekindling the flame that had brought them together forever.

Springtime: the perfect time for a ride on a Vespa

As you know, Sophie and Marc try to do their bit to reduce their environmental impact, which is why they always think "sustainability" before spending. And that's why Marc thought a Vespa would be ideal for their spring outings: the “Vespa elettrica”. It will only be used for short hops around town, so Marc has opted for the 45 km/h model instead of the 70 km/h one. And besides, he knows that Sophie isn't much of a speed freak. As for the colour, he has chosen “Azzuro” (sky blue), because he knows that one of the things Sophie loves so much about Vespas is the pretty pastel colours that suggest the arrival of fine weather and a switch over to the “Bella Italia” lifestyle.

Klimabonus: a subsidy of up to 1,000 euros for a new 100% electric light vehicle

Getting a good deal on his purchases is what makes Marc happy! After all, the little gem he’s just invested in comes at a price. It costs more than 6,400 euros, but he’s already made all the arrangements with his bank, and has taken out a 3-year Ecoprêt loan. Marc has been secretly preparing this surprise for a few months, and the closer the date approaches, the greater his excitement about revealing the secret to Sophie!

When he took out his loan, his banker produced an estimate of the subsidies he would be entitled to receive. That’s how he found out about the Klimabonus subsidy.

Eligibility for the Klimabonus subsidy

The subsidy applies to all 100% electric vehicles of the following types:

  • quadricycle
  • motorcycle
  • light motorcycle (125 cm3)
  • mopeds (scooters and S-pedelec)

ordered between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2024.

In addition to the Klimabonus subsidy, the estimate Marc’s banker has handed him for his project tells him that he’s potentially eligible for other private subsidies. Yet another good reason for Marc to treat himself and Sophie to a present that will remind them of their youth!

Happy Mother’s Day, Sophie

So the plan for this weekend is brunch in town for Sophie, with a quick stop off at the garage to pick up the brand new sky-blue Vespa, followed by a spin around the old town and lunch on the terrace at their favourite Italian!

So will Sophie enjoy her Mother’s Day this year, or the surprise from Marc, given that she hasn’t been on a Vespa for more than ten years?

Let’s just hope that the weather decides to cooperate 😉.

Happy Mother's Day to mums everywhere.

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