19th January 2023

Today I have an appointment with my banker!

Since moving into their first home and undertaking the renovation of their new house, Sophie has developed a passion for interior design. She therefore decided to transition to a new career and enrol in an in-depth training course. With a busy schedule, fortunately she can now make her Spuerkeess appointment via S-Net and spuerkeess.lu!
femme tient son téléphone en mains et consulte ses rendez-vous

A busy schedule? Fortunately, you can book appointments online

For some time now, she has been working in an architectural office and this new challenge means that her private life has to be well organised and structured. Her smartphone has become her best partner in balancing her private and professional lives.

When organising her private appointments, whether for doctors’ or physiotherapy visits, haircuts, yoga classes, Lilly’s hobbies or her time with Marc, Sophie manages everything via her digital calendar and she prefers the convenience of online appointment booking.

Making a banking appointment via S-Net: a new advantage!

Sophie’s habits have changed a lot recently and she prefers to plan her banking appointments in advance in order to better manage her time.

The new functionality in her S-Net is a real added value for her!

With all the changes in her private and professional lives, Sophie needs to meet with her advisor for financial and investment matters.

So she goes to her S-Net, selects the “Make an appointment” option and chooses the day and time slot on calendar that most suits her availability. After specifying her reason, she is automatically directed to a competent advisor. In a few clicks, her appointment is confirmed and added to her personal calendar!

Fix you appointment via S-Net

Open your S-Net Desktop

Once your appointment is confirmed, you can manage it (modify or cancel) and consult it under MY APPOINTMENTS!

Making an appointment without an S-Net agreement is another option!

Sophie’s mother finds it difficult to change her habits; digital technology, and especially digital banking, scares her. However, since Sophie gave her a tablet to send her photos of Lilly and phone her via FaceTime, digital technology and the Internet have become more accessible. 

As she has not yet signed up for an S-Net agreement, Sophie shows her how to request an appointment via the spuerkeess.lu website.

A setback?

... can always happen, but don’t forget to cancel your appointment.

  • Simply go back to S-Net,
  • Select “My appointments” 
  • Find all the details and access the “cancel” option.

No need to call your advisor, he will be informed automatically!

Remote appointment ?
Remote appointment ?
You don’t have an S-Net agreement yet?

Spuerkeess Internet Banking : whenever, wherever!

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