12th April 2022

Investing in “green”

You’re starting to feel more and more comfortable with the idea of investing and now would like to understand what it means to invest in “green”. Well, we will explain it all in this article.

Luxembourg – A sustainable financial centre*

  • The financial centre is an international platform for sustainable finance. It supports a wide range of activities, from responsible investment funds and blended finance to green bond listings and ESG fund certification.

  • Luxembourg has been actively involved in microfinance and financial inclusion since the early 1990s with the introduction of Luxembourg’s first regulatory framework for microfinance to support microfinance investment vehicles and institutions.

  • Luxembourg is now the global leader in inclusive finance with a 61% market share of global assets under management in investment vehicles in this sector.

*Source : https://lsfi.lu/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Luxembourg-Sustainable-Finance-Strategy_EN.pdf

Everything there is to know about sustainable investing!

What is it about?

“Sustainable finance” encompasses all financial market participants involved in transitioning the economy to a more sustainable future. These actors take well-defined sustainability criteria into account in their financing and investment decisions. Investment decisions are therefore based not only on the potential financial return or the usual risk management criteria, but also on sustainability criteria.

This means each investor can choose to have his investments support one or the other of the following ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria:


Carbon emissions, energy efficiency, water shortages, waste management, pollution reduction, biodiversity, etc.


Respect for human rights, workplace diversity and policies, supply chain management, customer privacy protection, etc.


Structure and composition of the board of directors, executive pay, political contributions, corruption monitoring, corporate tax strategy, etc.

The Taxonomy regulation* defines the economic activities that can be considered sustainable from an environmental or respect for human rights perspective.



How will you know if a security is sustainable?

If you want to invest in the stock market and only pick “green” securities, you can have confidence in listings and certifications, for example. Do not forget that Spuerkeess offers green funds, meaning that they meet all the criteria and/or have the certifications needed for you to invest responsibly.

Can you imagine if, for a particular fund, you had to research whether each investment made by that fund is in line with your ethics, meets ESG criteria, etc.? Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, your bank does the work for you with funds focused specifically on sustainable investing.

Have you listened to our podcast on sustainability?

How do you invest sustainably?

As explained above, to be sure that a security is in fact sustainable and not greenwashed, funds that are certified or controlled by a financial institution are your guarantee.

Spuerkeess is mindful of ESG criteria in its approach, which explains why it has been strict in selecting its funds and securities for many years.

Spuerkeess’s “green” funds:


“Investment policy: The objective of the sub-fund is to achieve a return equal to or higher than that of the global investment-grade bond and credit market, while also giving investors the opportunity to contribute to the energy transition. The management policy will also take environmental, social and good governance (ESG) criteria into account in addition to the standard financial criteria when selecting the securities”.


“Investment policy: LUX-EQUITY GREEN invests in companies that wish to improve their environmental footprint while guaranteeing their compliance with social criteria”.

To invest in one of these funds, go to S-Net or contact your advisor.

Would you like to take advantage of our advisory and management services?

Spuerkeess is here to help and will support you every step of the way:

  • If you would like to delegate the management of your assets, we offer ESG discretionary management by the name of “Activmandate Green”.

  • If you would like advice on the sustainable funds and securities that we offer, contact the Private Banking Business Unit.

Investment information request Be contacted by an advisor

Format: email@example.com
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The golden rules of sustainable investing:

  • Learn about “ESG” criteria and what they mean.

  • Monitor the companies you invest in so you can be sure of their values.

  • When in doubt, talk to your advisor. He will answer your questions and provide the information you need.

  • Follow your instinct 😉.

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