5th April 2022

Investing means keeping abreast of the news

Having invested in securities, you want to make sure you have made the right choices. To that end, it is for instance vital to keep informed of the latest developments at the company in which you bought shares, as well as of the political, economic and legal decisions impacting your stocks in a particular sector. This is all fine in theory. But in practice, how do you keep up with stock market news?

Good to know !

  • You can use S-Net to track your share prices.

  • You can monitor the performance of your investments and fees.

  • You can also choose to “delegate” your investments to a robo-advisor such as Speedinvest.

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Keeping abreast of financial news!

Follow the news

To know everything essential about a brand, company or sector, following what people are saying about it will help you better understand its market. It is also important to keep informed on what people are saying about the competition, along with mergers, takeovers and regulatory changes. There are plenty of aspects to follow – if you have enough time to spend reading, that is!

When investing, it is more or less the same: you need to keep in step with the latest news. If you don’t think you have enough time to do so, other solutions do exist.

The major financial news sites include Bloomberg, Reuters, Yahoo Finance and Six Financials. But there are many others that you can follow.

There is certainly no shortage of choice, but make sure you always use safe sources.

Make your investments

Not everyone is able to spend several hours every day reading about the latest financial news. With Spuerkeess, you can choose investment funds managed by professionals. Or opt for the Speedinvest digital tool, designed to manage your investments for you.

It can never be said enough: investing is all about the medium to long term. Which is why you do not need to panic on each and every market downturn. Keep cool by telling yourself that money left in a savings account will not gain in value, but money invested may increase in value over time*.

*Investing involves a risk of negative performance and capital loss.

Speedinvest: Investing has never been this simple!

Spuerkeess has developed Speedinvest to make your life easier as an investor. Speedinvest is a customised digital investment plan that takes into account your goals and your financial situation to optimise the return on your savings.

Rather than having to search for all stock market news, the tool ensures that your securities portfolio remains in line with your investment strategy.

Don’t know what to invest in? Speedinvest divides your capital into several investment categories covering different sectors, countries and currencies. This diversifies your portfolio, making it more balanced.

You can access Speedinvest in S-Net.

Golden rules when keeping track of your investments:

  • Keep abreast of the economy, financial news and the latest developments at the companies you invest in, always using reliable media sources.

  • Subscribe to trade magazines, newsletters or the like to broaden your investment knowledge.

  • Take a step back before making decisions about your investments.

  • Find out more about the securities you choose.

  • Don’t rush to buy and sell securities when prices fluctuate; keep a cool head 😉.

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