22nd February 2022

Opening and managing a securities portfolio

Are you able to put aside a little money at the end of each month? Have you ever asked yourself how you could put that extra money to work, to increase its value rather than let it sit dormant in your savings account? We have the solution for you: Invest your money. Get started by opening your own securities portfolio.

Everything you need to know about securities portfolios!

The “false truths” about savings and investment:

I would rather leave my money in my savings account. At least that way I don’t risk losing it.

TRUE and FALSE: While it is true that the money you have placed in your savings account won’t go anywhere, the things you are able to buy today will become more expensive in the years to come.  The value of your savings, in terms of purchasing power, will decrease in a low interest rate environment. 

Inflation has no impact on my money.

FALSE: Savings are earning record low interest rates, near zero in fact. As a result, it no longer makes financial sense to put all your money in a savings account, but instead just the part you want to access in the short term. In other words, your savings will hold steady for several years, while your investment will benefit from market trends.

Utility of owning a securities portfolio

Also referred to as a “market portfolio”, a securities portfolio includes any stocks, bonds and other financial instruments you have purchased, i.e. any transferable securities that you own.

To get a better understanding, picture it as a sales catalogue of market products (stocks, bonds, funds, …). At first glance, it is something like a bank account in which you deposit the amount you want to put into your investments, opening the door to the stock market where you can buy and sell your securities. You are free to decide how you want to build your portfolio, either starting with an initial capital deposit, or making monthly payments via a standing transfer order, into a SICAV savings plan for example.

Tell us about yourself, and we will tell you about the opportunities available to open and manage your securities portfolio!

Investing is an activity you are not opposed to, but would you say you are really interested in the subject and want to learn more, or just want some advice on how to get started - due to apprehension or lack of time? No matter how you answered that question, we have something for you!

Which statement applies to you:

Starting a securities portfolio

There are several key steps to take if you want to learn more about starting a securities portfolio.

The first question you should ask yourself when opening your securities portfolio is :“How much can I invest?”, and the second is: “How much do I want to invest?”.

You might find this very basic as a first step, but it is critical to be able to answer these questions before getting started.

Once you have set your investment budget, you can start investing on your own if you want.

Understanding and following the Stock Market

Do you know the difference between stocks and bonds? Do you know what investment funds are? How to keep up to date on financial news? Here are a few articles and videos you can check out to expand your knowledge:


Opening a securities portfolio

Ready to dive in? All you have to do to open a securities portfolio is go to S-Net or visit one of our branches. You will get your own dedicated account for your investments and will then be able to access the Stock Market via S-Net Mobile to buy the securities you want.

Do not forget to diversify your securities portfolio

By diversifying your securities portfolio, you limit the risk of losses when the market falls. What exactly does that mean? Just that you need to know what you are investing in and keep track of current events to understand market fluctuations.

That might seem like a lot of information to deal with all at once, so why not get get started by selecting a software tool in order to manage your portfolio for you?

Delegating the management of your portfolio

Let Speedinvest manage your investment!

Don’t have the time or energy to learn more about investing? That is why we designed a highly practical tool to manage your securities portfolio for you.


Investing can be a complicated endeavour, but as you have already seen, there are solutions available to make your life easier. In addition, our advisers are there to answer your questions and help you through the process.

Golden rules of starting a securities portfolio:

  • Only invest money you don’t need in the short term

  • Define an investment plan for the long term

  • Use a software tool tailored to your skill level to make investing easier

  • As a beginner, preferably stick to SICAV savings plans or tools like Robo-Advisors instead of investing directly in specific instruments

  • Diversify your holdings in order to limit downside risks

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