21st January 2018

When investing becomes simple with Speedinvest

This is the year that Marc has decided to boost his savings! Along with Sophie, he has already put together a BHW housing savings scheme for their future house construction project. Saving is good, of course, but Marc would also like to invest money to see it grow! Now, he is not rolling in money and the sum that he wants to invest does not gain him access to private banking.

A customised solution

So what can he do to invest and earn a higher return on his capital through professional management? Easy, Marc has chosen to open a Speedinvest with Spuerkeess. Depending on the strategy chosen, his money will be invested in two Global Diversified SICAV subfunds, a bond and an equity subfund, fully managed by BCEE Asset Management experts!

Speedinvest is a digital tool that allows everyone to invest money for the purpose of seeing it grow over the years. No forms, no dropping by: Speedinvest is available on S-Net and S-Net Mobile, and can be opened whenever and wherever, with a minimum amount of 500 euros! You can increase this amount whenever you want to or by a monthly standing order, but you can just as easily withdraw the funds at any time. It is precisely this simplicity and flexibility that has finally convinced Marc. Let’s have a look at the various steps to open a Speedinvest.

Speedinvest is available on S-Net and S-Net Mobile, and can be opened whenever and wherever!

Open a Speedinvest

Marc has selected Speedinvest in his S-Net store. Firstly, Speedinvest offers you the possibility to carry out a simulation with various amounts. Once everything is clear, Marc defines the amount and monthly payments he wants. The tool uses these data to estimate the costs related to the investment.

Then, comes the more strategic part. Marc has to choose an investment horizon in terms of years and the Speedinvest robot asks a series of questions about Marc’s financial and personal situation to determine the best investment strategy for his profile.

Final steps

Once the strategy has been decided, Speedinvest makes a final simulation by using all the gathered data to give Marc a concrete overview. Satisfied with his account, he moves on to the conclusion of the contract and receives the general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions concerning financial instruments as well as the investor’s guide in PDF format. At this stage, Marc could very well leave it there and read the documents another time. But since he is keen to get going and knows full well that if he doesn’t look at them now, he probably never will, he reads them immediately.

Marc can now follow changes in his investment live at any time. With Speedinvest he can view his exposure to different sectors and regions, as well as the main underlying positions. Happy to have taken the plunge, Marc cannot stop talking about it to Sophie. Will she take the plunge too? Only the future will tell.

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