23rd February 2023

Tax returns promise to be easier with the Tax Area in S-Net

Every year it’s the same old story: Marc starts very early to gather all the documents to make his tax return, but when it comes to collecting Sophie’s documents, it's a real headache! Let's just say that we do not all have the same organisational qualities and that when organisation is one of our strong points, it is difficult to remain patient with a more “carefree” person like Sophie. Admittedly, opposites attract, but for the benefit of their couple, Spuerkeess has put in place a safe deposit box in the new Tax Area in S-Net Desktop, which will make life easier for them and also their couple! Read on to find out more ...

femme qui consulte espace fiscal dans s-net avec son ordinateur portable

Gather all the documents for the tax return in one place !

Does this mean that Marc will no longer need to run after Sophie’s documents in order to complete their tax return? And for Sophie who never knows whether or not she has received the documents to be provided to Marc, will this be a real relief? On S-Net, Spuerkeess has put in place a system for the automatic classification of tax documents and supporting documentation in order to simplify the life of customers like Sophie and Marc.

A free safe deposit box in S-Net Desktop

Once he has logged in to the Desktop version of S-Net, Marc notices a new entry entitled “Tax Area” in the Menu. This is where the “safe deposit box” which contains his tax documents can be found.

The documents that he can find in his safe deposit box:

  • Insurance policies
  • Private pension premiums
  • Housing savings
  • Loan certificates
  • Donations
  • Childcare costs

And the very big advantage, especially for Sophie, is that all the documents are already classified 😉.

Classification of documents by category

With the safe deposit box, there is no reason anymore for Sophie to be confused.  Here are the advantages:

  • Automatic: Sophie does not need to do anything. S-Net recognises the transactions that are concerned by her tax return and automatically classifies them in the right category.

  • Orderly: Sophie no longer needs to look for her supporting documents. They are classified by tax year and category.

  • Flexible: For all tax documents from other organisations, Sophie and Marc can add them manually in their safe deposit box in order to centralise them in one place.

Now they will only need to go into S-Net to download all the necessary documents for the preparation of their tax return and that’s all there is to it!

Your tax declaration quick and easy

Do you now want to easily fill in your tax return using our myTax digital tax assistant by VIREO?

No tax knowledge required
For residents and non-residents alike
Accessible to all regardless of the complexity of the situation
Real-time optimisation by algorithms (saving money)
Pre-filling of your process (saving time)
Generation of forms and appendices ready to send
Suggestions to reduce your annual tax burden

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