31st May 2022

Ecobonus powered by etika: Another reward for your energy renovation!

After a long discussion with her aunt Elise, the answer was staring Sophie in the face... If her aunt doesn't feel up to looking after her beautiful house any more and wants to live in a small flat instead, Sophie won't stop her. Indeed, when Aunt Elise has an idea, it is best not to stand in her way. Moreover, Aunt Elise's house would be perfect for Sophie and Marc as they are talking more and more about extending their family but don't have enough room where they currently live. The answer to everyone's situation? Sophie and Marc will buy Aunt Elise's beautiful house, but before moving in, they'll do some renovations to improve its energy performance.

Energy renovations - nothing but benefits!

Sophie and Marc have already thought about the energy investments they want to make in the house. They would like to install a heat pump, replace the windows and renovate the façade to improve insulation. If they can afford it, they would also like to renovate the roof. By doing all this work, they will certainly be able to improve the house's energy rating and achieve their goal! 

Sophie and Marc have a lot of work to do and there's no time to lose if they want to get everything done as quickly as possible so that they can move into the house by the end of the summer.

They have therefore drawn up a to-do list:

  • Make an appointment at the bank to get all the necessary information.

  • Make appointments with the architect and a certified energy advisor to carry out the project.

  • Contact the estate agency for an estimate to put their current house on the market.


With Spuerkeess's support, no opportunity for a subsidy is missed

During their appointment at the bank, Sophie and Marc were informed of the maximum loan they could take out, taking into account all the public and private subsidies they would be able to apply for thanks to the simulation carried out by their banker. They know exactly how much they can borrow and what their monthly repayments will be.

They also now know which grants (private and public) and subsidies they are entitled to thanks to their energy renovation, including one final bonus from Spuerkeess: Ecobonus powered by etika!

Ecobonus powered by etika, the new reward from Spuerkeess

Ecobonus powered by etika is a grant of up to EUR 1.000, which is only available through Spuerkeess. Indeed, Spuerkeess is the first bank in Luxembourg to offer such a benefit to its customers carrying out energy renovations to their homes.

Your energy savings rewarded thanks to Ecobonus powered by etika!

By improving your property by two energy classes, Spuerkeess will help fund your renovation project with a bonus of up to EUR 1.000.

All that remains is for Sophie and Marc to sign on the dotted line at the notary's office and their "new" house can get its makeover!

Inspired by Sophie and Marc's story? To get all the information you need about the financing of your own energy renovation, simply visit your nearest branch or contact your housing advisor to make an appointment.

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