22nd November 2018

Baby on board! Time for a practical and spacious car.

Dear readers, Sophie and Marc have reached an important milestone: our favourite couple are expecting a baby! Becoming parents brings with it a lot of joy, but also new challenges and compromises. The first one is finding the right car!

Safety first

The parents among you will know how much life changes when children come along. There are many compromises to be made, including on holidays, outings, and even your car. For couples looking to take their little one out on the road with them, a more spacious and practical vehicle is needed.

Given all the trips Sophie will have to make with the baby, including visits to the doctor and other errands, what she really needs is to be able to get around without restrictions or headaches. Basically, she needs a vehicle that won’t cause her any extra worry in terms of management or expense.

No time or money lost!

Today, buying a car certainly has disadvantages for future parents. When buying a new car, a young couple must take out a loan, find time for appointments, change the tyres twice a year, get the vehicle serviced, etc.

Even if you ignore unforeseeable costs, Sophie is losing precious time and energy!

Enjoy the freedom of an all-inclusive service

By leasing her new car, Sophie knows in advance what her monthly payments will be and benefits from an all-inclusive package:

  • organisation of the handover
  • pick-up organised when the vehicle goes in for servicing or occasional repairs, tyre changes, etc.
  • tyre storage
  • insurance and road tax included
  • claims management
  • 24/7 road assistance in Luxembourg and abroad via a dedicated number
*Provided that the workshop offers that service

Taking out a lease agreement with Spuerkeess

Right now, Sophie can choose a car from a large number of special offers! She can go to a Spuerkeess branch of her choice to take out a lease. This contract sets out the monthly payments she has to pay based on the model of car, the permitted number of kilometres and the desired lease term. The permitted number of kilometres and lease term can be easily altered during the contract, thereby adjusting the monthly payment amount.

Then, at the end of the contract, Sophie will be able to choose a new car and take out a new lease.

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