8th August 2019

A holiday in the sun with Luxair!

“Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya, Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama…” Ok, so Sophie and Marc aren’t off to the Jamaica the Beach Boys were singing about, but they’re still going on holiday! There’s nothing like a little city trip with Luxair to get the most from summer, to soak up the sunshine and to savour some delicious local dishes while recharging your batteries.
couple run to airport with suitcases to leave on holiday

1. How to avoid losing a fortune through a cancellation

Although Sophie and Marc can’t wait to set off, you never know what might happen. If Marc suffered a bad dose of man flu just before departure for example, they’d have to cancel everything. They might as well pay at least 30% of the accommodation or transport cost using the Miles & More Luxair Visa card, to qualify for accident and travel cancellation insurance! What’s more, with that credit card, the couple earns a bonus mile for every two Euros spent, which can later on be exchanged for airline tickets or gifts.

With that credit card, the couple earns a bonus mile for every two Euros spent, which can later on be exchanged for airline tickets or gifts.

2. Where to buy currency

To avoid last-minute problems just before their departure for Prague because Marc’s forgotten to order currency from the branch again despite the fact that Sophie had reminded him several times, she decides to buy some directly at the airport in the destination country, comparing the exchange rates and commissions charged by the different ATM networks.

Otherwise, several Spuerkeess branches are equipped with foreign currency distributors and common currencies such as US dollars, pounds sterling and Swiss francs are always available. For other currencies, it’s a simple matter to order these in the branch just a few days in advance.


3. Which currency should you use when paying by card?

Sophie’s no expert when it comes to budgeting and is already out of cash after just three days at their holiday destination... OK Marc, stop laughing! You can always pay by card and choose the “local currency” option rather than “Euros” for a better exchange rate.

And if you’re looking for a good reason to eat loads of local ice cream and chocolate, spend all your change while on holiday because once you get back to Luxembourg the banks will only take back the banknotes.


4. Managing problems with bank cards while you’re away

It’s great to know that you can pay with your credit card in the local currency but that doesn’t really help if you’ve already reached the card limit! Once again, Sophie heads off on holiday with total peace of mind because she can change the limits on her credit cards at any time using the S-Net app. She can also choose to activate or deactivate several payment options.