10th July 2019

New S-Net features: complete management of your credit cards!

If until now you could already change the limit of your credit cards via the S-Net app, it now allows you to manage even more payment settings!
gérer ses cartes de paiement sur son mobile

What's new in S-Net?

Now your credit card management is accessible through the "Settings" in your S-Net app. Two tabs open and offers several new features.

Payment settings

Here you can activate or deactivate different payment options for your credit cards, such as:

  • online payments
  • payments outside Europe (you decide if you want to use your card for payments in shops outside Europe)
  • cash withdrawals (you decide if you want to withdraw money with the credit card in question from all ATMs (including S-Bank) or not.
  • the magnetic stripe (you can activate or deactivate the payment using the magnetic stripe on your card)

Card blocking

Do you have a problem with your card or have you misplaced it? However, be careful, if the card has been blocked by the bank, you will not be able to reactivate it here.

If so, you can temporarily block it via this tab. Blocking does not automatically replace the credit card!

Why is it convenient?

On holiday but also everyday, you have greater control over your credit cards including how you want to use them. Changes can be made anywhere and anytime, allowing you to be totally flexible!

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