25th January 2022

How did Sophie know she was eligible for a subsidy for the purchase of her new car?

For Sophie and Marc, 2021 wasn’t exactly a typical year. The COVID-19 health crisis caused them to change their habits and made them more sensitive to environmental issues and their consumer behaviour. Last summer they bought electric bikes to get around in a more eco-friendly way, but during the winter they realised that some trips are much easier for them by car. That’s why their new year’s resolution for 2022 is to replace their family car with a more sustainable vehicle that's better for the environment.

Naturally, Sophie is leaning towards an electric car

Sophie and Marc have become increasingly aware of their impact on the planet for nearly a year now. You may remember that when they bought their house and wanted to start renovating it a few months later, they went to their advisor at the bank to figure out the best way to go about it. As a result, they learned about the subsidies they were eligible for and ultimately were able to do more renovations than expected because of the funds they got.

Sophie vaguely remembered that in that meeting, her advisor told her that he could help her not only with building/renovating her home, but also with mobility and renewable energies.



Renewable energies

A tool for determining eligibility for subsidies

The bank Sophie and Marc go to offers a free tool, now accessible online, that can tell them if they are eligible for a subsidy for their new (electric!) car or not.

You know Sophie—she simply can’t wait for Marc to get home to start filling in the subsidy simulator fields online. When she finishes, she gets her answer:

Congratulations, you are eligible for public or private aid!

Fantastic, and the icing on the cake? In addition to this great news, the tool even indicates her CO² savings over one year.

She will save 2,079t Co2/year on her carbon footprint in an electric car compared to a car with an internal combustion engine. She’ll even save EUR 144,00 on her carbon tax until 2023. Sophie is thrilled!

An appointment to learn more

Sophie loves a good deal, so she makes an appointment right away online with her advisor to find out more about the subsidy she is eligible for.

Her advisor, who had already done the same thing with her and Marc when they renovated their house, tells her exactly what she needs to do to get her subsidy, such as documents to submit, who to submit them to and deadlines. That's handy, isn’t it?

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