3rd August 2021

The family goes cycling

When Marc and Sophie chose to spend their summer holidays in Luxembourg, it was a joint decision. Sophie saw it as an opportunity to combine gardening, trips and lounging around, but when Marc announced that they would visit the north of the country by bicycle, she was no longer sure she wanted to follow him.
maman fait balade avec son enfant en vélo électrique

Sophie's long history with cycling

This goes back more than 15 years, the last time Sophie cycled, following a small accident that left her with a nice scar on her right leg. She hasn't wanted to get on a bike since, which is why it is a difficult task for Marc to convince her to make it up with cycling. Will he manage?

"You never forget how to ride a bike", they say

One Saturday morning, Marc went out for his early-morning jog and on the way back, he stopped to buy some hot croissants for the family breakfast. Did he have something in mind?

What we do know is that his plan worked, because it was not even 10 o'clock that day when Sophie and Marc entered their first e-bicycle store.

Sophie made it clear she didn't like any of the bikes Marc showed her, then gradually got caught up in her husband's contagious enthusiasm. Marc did not go unnoticed in the store; he managed to link each bicycle with a scene from a film, which he then mimed to Sophie, who in the end burst out laughing.

And although Sophie was initially not at all motivated to go on a bike, she finally played along. After a few test rides, she found a suitable model: a dark grey urban bike. And it's as if she had always got around on two wheels, except that this time she didn't start sweating on the first climb. For his part, Marc got carried away with an electric all-terrain bicycle, more commonly known as a mountain bike.

Mission accomplished for Marc. Not only did he find them two beautiful e-bikes, he also bought a pink seat for Lily, as well as a helmet matching Sophie's.

Marc took out a Personal Loan

Marc had good reason to think that he was often attracted to expensive things and that Sophie was too. In fact, their two bikes cost him a total of EUR 5.450.

Fortunately, he had applied to his bank for an Ecoprêt (eco loan) before buying the e-bikes, so that he would know the amount he could borrow and the related monthly repayments.

He preferred to take out a loan because he did not want to wait to have enough savings set aside in order to be able to give them a new means of getting around. Now he and his family will make the most of their new toys, hoping that it will stay a little drier than last month.

Marc will now only have to apply for the subsidy of 50% of the purchase price, with a maximum per bicycle of EUR 600, offered by the "Administration de l’environnement".

For the purchase of a new bicycle, between 11 May 2020 and 31 March 2022 (date of paid invoice), the owner may benefit from a subsidy of 50% of the bicycle cost excluding VAT, up to a maximum of EUR 600.

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