8th January 2021

Opening a bank account, without even having to go anywhere!

Sophie is so happy! Her new colleague Audrey, with whom she is going to work on various projects, is really nice. They only met a few days ago, and yet it is as though they have known each other for 10 years.

Audrey crosses the French border every day to go to work, and often the day has barely begun and she has already lost an hour in traffic jams. Sophie knows that Audrey's time is precious because after work she only wants one thing: to get home quickly to find her adored little boy.

Audrey’s employer requires her to have a Luxembourg bank account, so Sophie goes onto the site of her bank, to see if Audrey has the possibility of opening her account remotely. In this period, it would be easier for her not to have to go anywhere. Yes! Her bank now offers the opportunity to create an account directly online and Audrey seems to be eligible.

Be a new customer of legal age
Be a new customer of legal age
Never having had an account with Spuerkeess
Not fulfilling any of the exclusion criteria
Not fulfilling any of the exclusion criteria
defined by the anti-money laundering measures

Sophie is very satisfied with her bank and shows Audrey how she succeeds in managing her banking transactions via her Smartphone. Convinced, Audrey seeks information on the S-Net Mobile application.

That’s it, Audrey has downloaded the application on her iPhone. She can now create her account.

S-Net Mobile: 100% digital account opening process The steps for creating the bank account once the application is installed:

1) Choose your banking package

The application suggests you the package suiting your situation and needs.

Free of charge for at least 12 months.

2) Identification

You are asked a few questions, which you must answer in order to validate your identity.

3) Signature & access

Sign your e-documents and access your account instantly.

The packages:

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Audrey has been won over. Within a few minutes, she has been able to create her account and can already access it. Thank you, Sophie!

Open your account now!

Start by downloading the free S-Net Mobile App and become a customer!