9th August 2018

How to manage your finances as a couple

Now that Sophie and Marc are civil partners, they decided to open a joint current account in order to tackle everyday expenses. Note, everyday expenses relate to water and electricity bills as well as to the shopping trips to fill the fridge. Even though, each couple has to find their own definition!

As many formulas as there are couples

While Sophie and Marc were at once in agreement to keep each their personal account and transfer one same amount every month to a joint account, there are other models of financial management within a couple. Other couples with a significant salary difference may opt for a more equal formula, where each partner contributes on a prorated basis according to the respective wages.

Otherwise, it is quite possible to have only one account to which everyone transfers their salary and which will pay for all household and personal expenses. This formula has the advantage of avoiding bank charges linked to multiple current accounts. However, it is better to be aligned in terms of consumption, because if one spends more than the other, things may go wrong!

Choose the right banking package

For their personal accounts, Sophie and Marc have each opted for a Zebra package, which covers all of their daily operations. Nevertheless, in case they decide one day to give up their personal accounts and only keep a joint one, they could switch to a Zebra Premium account, which gives greater financial flexibility. They could have 2 debit cards and 2 credit cards, including for example a Visa Premier which offers travel insurance and repatriation in the event of an accident abroad.

With Zebra Premium they would benefit from preferential conditions on a large selection of bank credits.

With favourable rates and handling fees offered on overdraft facility and personal loans, even -25% of the file commissions of a housing loan, there is no comparison!

Zebra Premium Features

  • Electronic SEPA credit transfers
  • 2 Visa Debit cards*
  • 4 cash withdrawals in EUR/month at third part ATMs in the EU without application of Spuerkeess fees
  • 2 credit cards Visa Classic or 1 Visa Classic and 1 Visa Premier*. Additional card: -50%
  • 1 credit card Miles & More Luxair Visa at a preferential rate
  • No account maintenance fees for current accounts in a non-EUR currency
  • Preferential terms on loans and rent payment guarantees with pledge*
  • Maintaining the account : 9,50 EUR/Month (6 months free)

subject to the acceptance of the application

A complete banking package, ideal for handling your bank relationship at the best price

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