10th May 2022

A road trip in an electric car

During the recent Easter holidays, Sophie and Marc chose to travel by train and electric car, taking advantage of the Avis benefit on their Visa Premier card for car rental. Sophie, Marc and their daughter Lily explored Denmark and Sweden for almost two weeks.
famille charge voiture éléctrique pour départ en vacances

Sophie and Marc have fond memories of their holiday travelling around Luxembourg the previous year. The events of the last two years have led the young parents to become more environmentally aware and to favour a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. To limit their ecological impact, one of their goals is to travel in a more responsible and environmentally conscious way, adopting the "slow travelling" approach.

Planning and booking a rental car

Since they bought their Polestar, Sophie and Marc have developed a fascination for the Scandinavian countries, pioneers of electromobility. That's where the idea for their Easter holiday came from: to explore Denmark and Sweden, via Germany.

Marc planned the trip carefully before the big departure, and decided to book an electric car for the journey to Denmark, taking advantage of the new benefit on his Visa Premier card: a 10% discount on car rental with Avis. He gave a great deal of thought to the choice of vehicle, as there are many to choose from at Avis. 

A relaxing trip for the whole family

Of course, they had to include stops and activities that Lily would enjoy. So they took the train from Luxembourg to Germany's second largest city, Hamburg. It was the perfect trip for Lily, who loves to draw, play, and get up whenever she feels like it. Happy parents, happy kid!

During the first stage of their trip, the little family discovered the famous train museum in the "Speicherstadt". Lily loved it!

Discovering the land of Smørrebrød

From Hamburg, the family boarded the train again, heading for Denmark to stay at Legoland in Billund, another wonderful memory for Lily.

The family continued the journey to Nyborg in their rental car, crossing the impressive Great Belt Bridge to arrive in Copenhagen. The Danish capital is one of the best cities for cycling, so exploring it on a 'bakfiets' (cargo bike) was a must-do: Lily sitting in the front was over the moon!

"Hej" Sweden

They continued their journey to Malmö in Sweden, renting a 100% electric car, via the magnificent "Oresund Bridge". Driving along the Swedish coast, they were amazed by the scenery and loved the Scandinavian mentality. To return to Denmark, they took the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingor, dominated by the splendid Kronborg Castle.

A successful trip in a rental car

On their return to Luxembourg, Sophie and Marc are excited to share their adventures with Shauna and her husband Bob. They tell them about the "slow travelling" approach: the train journeys that were so much fun for Lily, the electric car journeys, exploring by bike, the beautiful encounters, all the beautiful memories they keep from their stay.

Bob, who is rather sceptical about electric mobility, listens with great interest to his friends' stories. Inspired by their approach, he decided to explore the various rental car possibilities for the next holiday and make his own observations.

Why is Bob prejudiced against electromobility?

  • Battery production
  • Lack of charging stations
  • The need to recharge
  • Charging time
  • High purchase price

Summer plans

For Marc and Sophie, the experience was such a positive one that they are planning to return in the summer, rent a holiday home in Sweden and spend two weeks unplugged with Lily and their dog Philli.

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