Daniel Madariaga Maia
Team Manager
27th October 2022

S-Net Mobile: banking at your fingertips

Since its launch in 2015, S-Net Mobile has been a huge success. Today, almost 1 in 2 customers in the under-30 age group uses its smartphone exclusively to enjoy the many features offered. What are the latest trends in the application space, and what are the best practices for using your S-Net Mobile?

How are people using S-Net Mobile?

Since its launch in 2015, we have seen, for the first time, that around 1 in 3 customers (all age groups) now exclusively uses the mobile version of S-Net for banking.

This trend is all the more pronounced with our under-30 customers. Of these, 1 in 2 customers uses the mobile application exclusively.

With the ubiquity of mobile phones, this trend is likely to become even more pronounced in the future, especially as the first generations of "digital natives" enter the banking market.

According to the 'Radar 2022' study by Bee Secure, 79% of 12-year-olds already have a smartphone, and among 13-year-olds the percentage rises to 88%.

Mobile will soon become our preferred point of contact for our digital customers.

What are the main trends, and what is Spuerkeess doing to meet them?

A review of the banking app market in Luxembourg and abroad reveals a wide range of more or less significant trends.

Nevertheless, if we had to limit ourselves to three of them, here is what we would pick:

1. Beyond Banking

Some banking solutions have already incorporated this concept, allowing their customers to manage their holiday reservations, travel tickets, insurance, meal orders, etc., via their banking apps, in addition to their finances and investments.

What is Spuerkeess doing in this area?

With our MyTax assistant, we have recently incorporated services that go beyond banking. Although this service is not currently available on our S-Net Mobile version, initial feedback from our customers only confirms the need for a solution that handles more than just payments and account information.

Without divulging future functionalities, we can nevertheless say that we are working on integrating new features capable of handling use cases that are not directly related to banking.

No tax knowledge required
For residents and non-residents alike
Accessible to all regardless of the complexity of the situation
Real-time optimisation by algorithms (saving money)
Pre-filling of your process (saving time)
Generation of forms and appendices ready to send
Suggestions to reduce your annual tax burden

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used for certain processes to improve the customer experience.

Many banking applications are already using this technology to recommend personalised content or to provide digital applications that can respond to customers' needs 24 hours a day via immediate text messaging.

Artificial intelligence also reduces the processing time for certain requests and in some cases provides an instant response to customers.

As this technology is rapidly developing, our main challenge is to leverage these advantages to offer our customers new services that are also useful for managing their finances.

What is Spuerkeess doing in this area?

  • Automatically categorising transactions in order to provide a better budget breakdown

  • In our latest upgrades to S-Net, the first concrete application of artificial intelligence was a feature that automatically processed financing requests.


It is clear that advances in this area are unavoidable, and we intend to take full advantage of them to continue to provide new services to our customers.

3. Open Banking

Open Banking has gained momentum through the European Payments Service Directive 2 (PSD2). The idea is to allow customers to access their payment accounts and manage their finances through third-party providers.

This allows customers to benefit from a more competitive market, turning bank portability into an attainable reality for everyone. In order to keep in touch with the customer, banks will need to offer the best possible user experience.

What is Spuerkeess doing in this area?

Spuerkeess was the first bank in Luxembourg to offer third-party account aggregation.

Our offering currently includes 7 Luxembourg banks (Banque de Luxembourg, Banque BCP, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Banque Raiffeisen, BGL BNP Paribas, ING Luxembourg, Post Luxembourg) and 3 neo-banks (N26 Bank, Revolut LTD, PayPal Europe).

The next step is to incorporate Belgian, German and French banks.

What are the main reasons that prevent some customers from doing their banking via their mobiles?

Although the convenience of banking from anywhere is driving many customers to use S-Net Mobile, we see some barriers to certain customers taking full advantage of our online services.

1. Lack of familiarity with new technologies.

At Spuerkeess, we take particular care to design our features in collaboration with our clients, regardless of their familiarity with digital technology.

Once developed, our new features are tested by a group of users to ensure that the changes made meet customer expectations.

If you would like to be included in our beta tester programme, please contact us by e-mail at snet.feedback@spuerkeess.lu.

2. Lack of trust in the security of information shared online.

At Spuerkeess, the security of our application is one of our top priorities. Our app is secured through various LuxTrust authentication methods. Chez Spuerkeess, la sécurité de notre application est l’une de nos priorités absolues. Notre App est sécurisée grâce aux différents moyens d’authentification LuxTrust.

Important :

The bank will never ask you for your codes or passwords by phone, e-mail or SMS. Additionally, if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you can deactivate your S-Net Mobile application at any time from our S-Net Desktop version or by contacting Spuerkeess Direct at  +352 4015-1.

3. Lack of discretion.

Some customers are reluctant to use S-Net Mobile out of fear that their bank balances will be seen by prying eyes.

At Spuerkeess, we have equipped our desktop and mobile versions of S-Net with a feature to hide account balances.

Find out how to hide your balances

Plus d'infos

What are 5 tips for using S-Net Mobile on your smartphone?

1. Activate the LuxTrust Mobile App for added convenience and security

2. Make sure you always update your S-Net App to get the latest features

3. Activate push messages from your S-Net Mobile App to receive real-time updates

4. Check your news centre regularly to make sure you don't miss any notifications

5. Beware of e-mails and SMS messages that try to get you to open a web page and enter your credit card details or LuxTrust login info. If you have any questions, please contact Spuerkeess Direct at +352 4015-1.

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