8th May 2024

Which payment card should you choose for your business?

When you are self-employed, an SME, an association or a large company, you may need to pay for certain products and services by means other than by bank transfer. Some stores will agree to give you the invoice at the same time as your goods, but others don't have that option, which can make an ordinary purchase more complicated than expected for your financial management. A business bank card is a good way to resolve this kind of situation. Discover what Spuerkeess can offer for your business in this article. Enjoy your reading!

Business credit cards

To manage your day-to-day payments as a business (whatever its size), what could be better than having your own credit cards for yourself and your employees? Spuerkeess offers two of them, which you can discover below:

Visa Business

The Visa Business card is the basic credit card for professionals. It covers you during your travels in the event of accident (death/disability), but also offers you illness/death cover, as well as cash emergency services.

Miles & More Luxair Visa Business

The Miles & More Luxair Visa Business card combines the advantages of the Visa Business credit card with the exclusive services offered by Miles & More, Europe's largest frequent flyer programme.

The partnership between Luxair, Spuerkeess and Miles & More makes it easy for you to multiply the benefits you can enjoy: Every time you use your credit card to pay - even on holiday - you automatically earn miles. What's more, you accumulate twice: first when you pay with your Visa card, then when you fly with Luxair or another Miles & More partner! This means you can earn valuable bonus miles even faster.

The Miles & More Luxair Visa Business credit card is also the ideal credit card if you want comprehensive insurance cover and the assistance you need for your purchases and travel.

Take advantage of a special price (€165 instead of €230) to obtain your Miles & More Luxair Visa Business card, by opting for the Zebra Business or Zebra Business Plus package!

Zebra Business

Basic offer adapted to the everyday needs of business customers

► A Visa Business card is included in the Zebra Business Package.

Zebra Business Plus

Meets the requirements of more important day-to-day management and financing needs

► Two Visa Business cards are included in the Zebra Business Plus package.

Insurance cover included

When travelling, and in the event of the unexpected, it's always important to have the right insurance cover.

Travelling for business requires flexibility, which is why we offer you a basic card and a more comprehensive card.

³ The general terms and conditions of the offer apply and can be found at www.spuerkeess.lu/cardinsurances and www.spuerkeess.lu/cardinsurances/visainfinite. Conditions of travel cover as of 1.1.2024 : Insured person(s) Cardholder + spouse/partner and children under the age of 25, living under the same roof or with the other parent (in case of divorce or separation), even if traveling separately. Visa Business, Miles & More Luxair Visa Business - the trip involves a distance of more than 100 km from the insured party’s home; - at least 30% of the trip is paid for with the credit card to which the cover in question is attached ; - trips of less than 91 consecutive days.

Did you know that you're not the only one insured with your card?

Not only are you insured as a "Visa Business" cardholder, but so are other employees and/or managers working for the same company and travelling with you.

Other benefits of business credit cards

Spuerkeess credit cards for your business are a must-have for managing your day-to-day payments in stores and online.

All have contactless functionality, so you only need to enter a PIN for purchases over €50. What's more, as they are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can pay using your smartphone.

You can also withdraw cash from local ATMs when you travel anywhere in the world. And in Luxembourg, your direct debit withdrawals from our S-Bank branches are free of charge.

You can already easily manage your payment card limits via S-Net Desktop and S-Net Mobile (freelancers and self-employed professionals). In the future, this will also be possible via S-Net Business for businesses. 

3D Secure activation is automatic thanks to your LuxTrust certificate.



S-Net Business is now available for your company!

Access your account balances and make transfers from your desktop. And don't miss out on forthcoming features to be added to S-Net Business 😉!

Activate S-Net Business via the Store in your S-Net Desktop!

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