17th September 2021

September is the time for a fresh start!

The holidays may already seem a long time ago, but the university year has only just started. Wasn’t it great to be able to switch off your alarm, spend time with your friends, go away and swim in the sea? But before you start thinking about your next holiday, make the most of this new university year!

Keep up with the latest news

All articles published in Tageblatt and Le Quotidien are available for free to students under 30 in digital format. So you can keep up with the latest news on sports, politics, cultural life, economy, etc.

Learn how to trade on the stock market

Financial education is important so you know how to manage your budget, invest some of your savings for the future, etc. To get off to a good start this autumn, Spuerkeess is holding a Stock Market Learning competition for Axxess clients[1]. You can enter up to 20 October 2021 (places are limited).

[1] Aged between 18 and 30

Keep track of your budget

Moving abroad and starting your life as a student marks the beginning of your financial independence. Why not use MIA to help you manage your budget and start building up some savings? MIA is a personal financial assistant that provides a clear view of your financial situation and helps you save for the future!

Hi there,

I am MIA and I am going to help you reach your goal: my first car!

Manage your student loan remotely

Once you have spent the first instalment of your CEDIES loan, you can get your next instalment via S‑Net Mobile, without having to visit your branch.

Access your next instalment in just a few minutes via S-Net Mobile:

1. Check you have the latest version of S-Net Mobile installed on your phone

2. Select "CEDIES Loan" in the S-Net Store 

3. Scan the QR code shown on the letter approving your CEDIES loan

4. Confirm your request and the money will immediately be paid into your Spuerkeess current account

Choose the right banking package

Debit card or credit card? Why not have both? With the Axxess Study package, enjoy many advantages.

Axxess Study The banking offer for students up to 30

  • Free Visa Classic credit card*
  • Free Axxess Visa Debit card
  • Preferential rate on Personal Loan*
  • CEDIES and/or UNIF loan*
  • Axxess Study overdraft at 0%*
  • Axxess savings account at preferential rate
* subject to acceptance of your application

How about a night out to start the year?

Try your luck at winning two free entries to the "Studentebal", up to 19 September 2021!

The ball is organised by ACEL and will be held at the Park&Ride Bouillon on 24 September 2021. Axxess clients will receive a EUR 2 drinks voucher on presentation of their card at the box office on the night.

With all these offers, your university year promises to be a great success, provided that you also work hard, of course 😉.

Happy start to your university year!