26th October 2023

Why take out an S-Invest investment plan for your children?

Investing for your children gives you the chance to build up a fund for major expenses in the future, such as a university education or a down payment on a house. S-Invest, the Spuerkeess investment plan, offers a long-term investment opportunity. Filipe Dos Santos Coimbra, branch manager at the John F. Kennedy branch, explains to us why you should invest for your children.

What is the S-Invest savings plan?

S-Invest can be considered as a savings plan in the Spuerkeess lux|funds range. The regular, constant investment that is its defining feature allows you to benefit from a smoothing effect of the average purchase price, thereby offsetting any market fluctuations.  

Why is investing complementary to saving?

All young parents are faced with the question of how to build up funds for their children’s future.  

When they start saving early in their children’s lives, they first look for a safe place for the baby’s money to grow over time. They may see opening a savings account as a way of teaching basic notions about money and sound financial management. They also want to prepare financially for their children’s future and see saving as a long-term gift.  

However, traditional savings are only one way of building up capital.  

Given the low interest rates we’ve seen in recent years and the fluctuations on the financial markets, it has become essential to diversify our savings in order to grow your savings.  

If my customer plans to save EUR 100 a month for their child, I often advise them to bet on two pillars:  

An S-Invest savings plan in their child’s name
An S-Invest savings plan in their child’s name
which is a long-term investment over 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years, which builds up a reserve for a first major purchase (car, furniture, home), for example.
A savings account
A savings account
that provides “liquid savings” accessible when the child reaches adolescence and has specific needs for studies (e.g. a laptop), sport or hobbies.

What are the keys to a successful investment?

For me, the keys to a successful investment are clearly: 

  • Regularity: with S-Invest, the customer invests a minimum amount of EUR 40 a month; 

  • Long term: Over the long term, customers are less affected by market fluctuations and can achieve a good return on their investment; 

  • Patience: above all, don’t panic when the markets are turbulent, but stay focused, because gains and losses on the financial markets can occur in quick succession, but historically, long-term profits tend to be higher than traditional savings. 

Why does investing for your children make sense?

An investment may be particularly attractive if it is taken out while the children are still young, spread over an investment period of 15 to 20 years, so over the long term.  

A key strength of this type of investment is its geographical diversification (with funds investing on a global scale), sector diversification (in different areas of the economy) and sustainability (with “green” funds investing in environmentally friendly technologies and the well-being of our planet).  

You build up a portfolio of lux|funds shares for your child and participate in the long-term performance of the financial markets by benefiting from the so-called "cost average" effect.
"Cost average" effect
"Cost average" effect
Take advantage of the smoothing effect of the average acquisition price and thus offset any market fluctuations.

How can you take out an S-Invest savings plan for your child?

The best way to take out an S-Invest savings plan for your child is to book an appointment at a branch. As soon as your S-Invest is open, you will be able to manage it through your S-Net agreement.  

What benefits does Spuerkeess offer?

Through regular investments, S-Invest allows you to take advantage of market highs and lows, and also offers the following benefits: 

  • A minimum monthly investment of EUR 40 

  • No initial investment required 

  • No custody charges 

  • 30% reduction on subscription fee  

  • Take advantage of Spuerkeess’ wide range of lux|funds and grams of fine gold. 

  • Benefit from our long-standing expertise in investment funds 

  • Manage your “risk level” depending on your personal situation 

And a special bonus for your younger children!

When a parent takes out an investment plan for their child, from now on every minor child will receive a gift of EUR 50 to be credited to their S-Invest savings plan.  

Thanks for sharing, Filipe! 


The product presents a risk of loss of capital. The redemption value may be less than the amount initially invested. The performance data include the fees associated with financial instruments as well as management fees.  

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