Student loan

Finance your university studies with the state-guaranteed student loan and the Spuerkeess Unif Loan.

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Staatlich garantiertes Studiendarlehen

The state-guaranteed education loan

  • State-guaranteed higher education loan
  • an advance of EUR 2.500 at 0% while waiting for your state-guaranteed student loan*

Student loan

Fund your choice of higher education course

  • student loan in addition to the state-guaranteed student loan

I enjoy my independence and my comfort! Here is what some of our customers had to say:

  • Thanks to the Axxess Study loan, I was able to move to Cologne without getting financial help from my parents.

    Flore, 19, Linguistics student
  • When I started my Master’s in London, the Axxess Study loan enabled me to pay the tuition fees that weren't covered by the Financial Aid Department.

    Carmen, 25, management student

Discover the other advantages of Axxess Study, our complete offer for students.

For students

Axxess Study The banking offer for students up to 30

  • 1 Visa Classic and 1 Visa Premier credit card free of charge*
  • Axxess Visa debit card free of charge
  • Preferential rate on personal loan*
  • State-guaranteed student loan and/or Unif loan*
  • Axxess savings account at a preferential rate
*subject to acceptance of your application

Calculate your financial assistance!

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Basic grant
Mobility grant
Social grant
Family grant
Total semester grants

Basic loan
Additional loan
For social grant
For income above the minimum social wage
Total semester student loan

Annual increase for registration fees

For grant
For loan
This simulation is provided for information purposes only, and does not commit Spuerkeess in any way. For a concrete proposal, please submit your application to the Financial Aid Department.

Obtain your loan via S-Net Mobile in just a few minutes:

  1. Check if you have the latest version of S-Net Mobile installed on your phone
  2. Select "State-guaranteed student loan" in the S-Net Store 
  3. Scan the QR code on the letter of approval of the Financial Aid Department or upload the letter of approval to S-Net Mobile
  4. Confirm your request
  5. Sign the contract and the money will immediately be paid into your Spuerkeess current account

Half-yearly interest payments

Half-yearly interest (on 30 June and 31 December each year) is accumulated and in principle deducted from any newly granted instalment disbursed.

Example: The student has a state-guaranteed student loan totalling EUR 20.000 and receives a new letter of approval for a further EUR 1.500 instalment for the following academic year. When this new instalment is paid, the accrued interest over the previous half-year (EUR 200 over 6 months, with the maximum rate payable by the customer of 2%) is deducted by default from the amount granted by the State. The balance (the difference between the instalment granted and the accrued interest) is paid into his current account, i.e. EUR 1.500 - 200 = EUR 1.300.

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