22nd August 2023

Three rules to assure stress-free studies

The new school year will be here before you know it... Now the pressure is on! It's time to leave the nest and start your studies. Financial independence is just around the corner and, just like any new experience, it has you feeling excited and anxious all at the same time! So you need to make sure things get off to a good start. And to help you avoid the pitfalls in your new life, we interviewed Sam Roger from the Sales Department at LALUX to tell us all about insurance for students. Happy reading!

1. Don't let nasty surprises get in the way of your new adventure

Whether it's a toothache, illness, or the theft of your computer while you're in the middle of writing a long and tedious essay at uni, these are obviously all nasty surprises. And the thing about nasty surprises is... you can't see them coming. So, when something happens, it's always better to be prepared. All you need is good insurance!

Sam, which type of insurance are we talking about for the above examples?

LALUX covers all these risks in one policy with easyPROTECT Discover! Emergency medical costs are covered by the Health option, including dental treatment abroad as well as hospital expenses with a private room and emergency transport. Breakage and theft of computer equipment can also be covered under the Tech option. With the Assistance option, you can even cover the loss of computer data following an insured incident.

Is there any mandatory insurance for students? If so, what kind?

While there isn't any mandatory insurance for students in Luxembourg, this may not be the case in other countries. But, beyond any legal obligations, it's not uncommon for landlords of student accommodations and some universities to require Civil Liability insurance, which is the basic level of cover offered with easyPROTECT Discover.

2. Don't confine yourself to just one geographical area

Studying also means the freedom to discover the "world" without necessarily having to go globetrotting for thousands of miles. It's essential that you insure your student accommodation against theft and water damage, but it also wouldn't hurt to have civil liability cover anywhere in Europe. What if both of these were combined into a single policy?!

What cover is included in LALUX easyPROTECT Discover insurance?

Our easyPROTECT Discover basic cover includes Civil Liability as well as protection of your accommodation against Water Damage, Fire, Broken Glass and furniture damage. In other words, all the essentials for you to start your student life with complete peace of mind.

Then, you can add several options to benefit from our optimum comprehensive cover:


Protect your computer equipment (smartphone, laptop, tablet) against breakage and theft worldwide.


Cover in case of medical emergencies (illness, accidents, dental emergencies), reimbursement of expenses and repatriation if necessary.


Reimbursement of tuition fees if you have to abandon your studies due to illness, accident or death (you or your parents). Reimbursement of urgent return expenses (illness, accident or death of a parent). Reimbursement of the cost of reconstructing computer data following an insured loss.

For students going on a semester-long exchange or a work placement abroad, is their basic insurance cover enough or should they add to it before they leave?

All easyPROTECT Discover types of cover and options are valid throughout Europe. Most are even valid worldwide (Civil Liability, Tech and Assistance). Extended cover outside of Europe is also available on request for the Health option.

3. Go for comprehensive cover

You never know what the future has in store... How about a hospitality work placement in the Caribbean? Or an exchange programme at the University of Tokyo? If so, you can add worldwide protection to your insurance policy at any time. This includes protecting your computer equipment, such as a laptop or smartphone.

What other insurance might be useful abroad?

Both in Luxembourg and abroad, Civil Liability insurance is a must-have to cover any damage that you might cause to another person. Most universities and student landlords actually require it. This is the basic cover offered by easyPROTECT Discover.

Additional medical cover can also come in handy in countries where state systems only reimburse a portion of medical and dental expenses.

Protecting your tech against breakage and theft wherever you are – even abroad – is also important.

But the biggest thing is probably getting help with urgent return expenses if something happens. Depending on where you are, they can really pile up fast.

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