14th July 2022

Managing your purchases with Spuerkeess payment methods

Louise just graduated from secondary school. Her next steps are to prepare to leave for university, sort her things, sell some of her stuff, buy some new clothes, and pull together furniture and decor for her small studio while taking advantage of sales in Luxembourg and online.

Louise has found a student job at a café in town. Although she won’t be earning a lot, she is sure that when she adds in her tips, she will be able to set some money aside in her account.

Is it possible to buy and consume responsibly while taking advantage of sales?

She starts sorting her things: clothing, trainers, books, etc. She has a lot of stuff she would like to donate to people in need or sell to make a little extra money. Louise is not a fan of fast fashion. She is interested in the fashion industry and knows that a high-quality garment is a better investment. So she prefers vintage and second-hand clothing and avoids impulse buys. She decides to sort her closet responsibly and make three piles: donate, sell and keep.

Apple Pay: for purchases with an iPhone

Now that Louise has finished sorting, she realises that she doesn’t have a lot of summer clothes. So she decides to go into town, mostly because it’s sale time! Her first goal is to buy a new pair of trainers.

She finds the perfect pair marked down by 30%. Her size is in stock and they fit like a glove. At the checkout, she realises she accidentally forgot her wallet. Luckily, she has installed Apple Pay on her smartphone, so she can pay without a problem and leave with her fabulous trainers.

Bank cards: for in-store and online purchases

The next day, she’s off to look for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothes at her favourite shopping centre. Since she’s looking for quality, she plans to buy only what she needs and to pay with her new Visa Debit card. This way the money will be debited directly from her Axxess Study current account and she will have a better overview of her budget.

Increasing your card limit is easy with

Since Louise is leaving to study in the Netherlands, she also needs a new bike. For major purchases, it makes sense to take advantage of sales. She looks at second-hand bikes in the store and quickly falls in love with a nice city bike with a carrier. But it costs 15% more than she had planned. Because it’s the only one available, she has to decide quickly. So she tries to increase the limit on her credit card using her S-Net Mobile app. Not only is it easy, it’s available 24/7! It takes Louise just three clicks to increase the limit on her card and she is able to leave the store with her beautiful bike.

S-Net Mobile: for card information at your fingertips

One of Louise’s favourite pastimes is finding websites that offer fair-trade and sustainable fashion, as well as upcycled, vintage and repurposed clothes. She finds some great batik tie-dye hoodies and decides to place an order.

She quickly retrieves her credit card data using her S-Net Mobile app. With the “Card information” option, she finds all the information she needs (card number, expiry date, etc.) to complete her purchase. Lastly, she confirms the 3D Secure payment using LuxTrust Mobile and receives her transaction confirmation via an S-Net Mobile push message.

Visa: for additional insurance cover

Louise thinks back to her 2021 holidays in Provence: a quaint B&B, charming villages and especially the gorgeous multi-coloured ceramics she found at a small pottery studio. She finds what she’s looking for on the studio’s website: 4 cups, 4 bowls and 1 beautiful rainbow-coloured salad bowl. But she hesitates before placing her order because if these small wonders were to break in shipping, how would she be refunded? Louise learns that if she pays with her Visa credit card, she will have purchase protection insurance. She is reassured and places her order.

Learn more about credit card insurance cover

PayPal: for secure online purchases

Louise has very clear ideas about how to decorate her studio: second-hand furniture, refreshed with chalk-paint, brightly coloured bedding and bath towels plus an amazing felt ball rug she found on a Nepalese website. The site looks professional but to be on the safe side she decides to pay with PayPal, which allows her to make a secure payment without disclosing her card details. It also offers purchase protection and refunds on returns.

Louise has aggregated her PayPal account/wallet on her S-Net, so she will be able to check her transaction the very next day.

It’s practical, with S-Net Mobile you’ll find all your expenses in one place.

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