Finance your higher education with complete peace of mind.

Calculate your financial support and follow the guide to getting your state-guaranteed student loan

Whether in college or at university: independence and your dream studies can be yours! The state-guaranteed student loan supports you throughout your studies and when you begin your working life.

Biannual financial aid

Invest in your future and choose what you want to study with a student loan at a preferential interest rate guaranteed by the government.

No monthly instalments during your studies

Your monthly repayments only begin two years after you have completed your studies. You will have a maximum of 10 years to reimburse your student loan.

100% digital process via S-Net Mobile

You don’t need to visit a branch.

Calculate your financial assistance!

I am


Basic grant
Mobility grant
Social grant
Family grant
Total semester grants

Basic loan
Additional loan
For social grant
For income above the minimum social wage
Total semester student loan

Annual increase for registration fees

For grant
For loan
This simulation is provided for information purposes only, and does not commit Spuerkeess in any way. For a concrete proposal, please submit your application to the Financial Aid Department.

Why choose Spuerkeess for your student loan? Your grant and state-guaranteed student loan are paid into a bank account. Spuerkeess offers numerous free services with its Axxess Study account.

Online branch

No need to visit a branch if you study abroad - you can talk to an advisor online.

User-friendly application

S-Net and S-Net Mobile: modern, intuitive, fast and secure internet banking.

Option of an additional loan

Need more money to finance your studies? Take advantage of the additional Spuerkeess student loan.

Assistance throughout the process

Don’t be intimidated by the administrative process - Spuerkeess will support you throughout.

An intelligent financial assistant: MIA

Don't be afraid of losing control of your budget; MIA helps you manage your daily finances and anticipates your budget.

How do you apply for your state-guaranteed student loan? Spuerkeess supports you throughout the process.

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    1. Apply for financial support from the Financial Aid Department

    If this is your first application for this support, you must first submit your application to the Financial Aid Department via using your LuxTrust Token.
    Form via
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    2. Get your letter of approval

    Once your application has been validated by the Financial Aid Department, a letter of approval containing a QR code will be sent to you.
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    3. Obtain your loan via S-Net Mobile

    Scan the QR code on the letter of approval or upload the letter of approval to S-Net Mobile to take out your student loan. Make sure you have installed the latest version of S-Net Mobile. Receive funds in your account in just a few clicks, without having to visit a branch.
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    4. New instalments available online

    You can then receive any new instalment of your loan in just a few clicks with S-Net Mobile, without having to visit a branch.

Half-yearly interest payments

Half-yearly interest (on 30 June and 31 December each year) is accumulated and in principle deducted from any newly granted instalment disbursed.

Example: The student has a state-guaranteed student loan totalling EUR 20.000 and receives a new letter of approval for a further EUR 1.500 instalment for the following academic year. When this new instalment is paid, the accrued interest over the previous half-year (EUR 200 over 6 months, with the maximum rate payable by the customer of 2%) is deducted by default from the amount granted by the State. The balance (the difference between the instalment granted and the accrued interest) is paid into his current account, i.e. EUR 1.500 - 200 = EUR 1.300.

Compare your options:

Student loan

Fund your choice of higher education course

  • favourable conditions
  • additional financial independence
  • more freedom to choose your studies
Minimum amount
5.000,00  €

Subject to acceptance of the application

Staatlich garantiertes Studiendarlehen

The state-guaranteed education loan

  • basic grant
  • mobility grant (if you are studying abroad and paying rent)
  • family grant (if other children in the household are in higher education)
  • socio-economic grant (based on household taxable income)
  • reimbursement of registration fees (one half in the form of a grant, the other as a loan)
  • student loans with a maximum interest rate of 2% guaranteed by the State
Maximum rate
2,00  %

Student loan with a maximum interest rate of 2% guaranteed by the government

Financial Aid Department scholarship

The Financial Aid Department scholarship

  • a 1.199 € grant
No reimbursement

A maximum amount of 10.600€/year

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