26th March 2018

The savings account, offer a different present

Sophie's niece Emma is too old now for the traditional Easter egg hunt. Instead, she prefers reading her anatomy books because one day, she wants to be a doctor! This year, the Easter bunny will be bringing her chocolate but also another, extra special gift to help her realise her big dream.

A savings account the big little gift

Emma is an ambitious little girl. She's already practising listening to Sophie's chest with her little plastic stethoscope and giving her medicine - which turns out to be a rather unusual mix of all the fruit juices that Emma could find in the fridge. Delicious! This year, and as Emma's godmother, Sophie wanted to give her niece a special Easter gift by opening a Fit4Future savings account for her.

No more of those envelopes with money in, which end up getting lost on childrens' birthdays or spent straight away! Now, Sophie can make occasional or regular payments into the account, of any amount she likes, and build up some funds to get Emma started. The blocked savings account will remain blocked until Emma's 18th birthday. It offers the best remuneration of all Spuerkeess's savings accounts for youngsters and is also exempt from account closing balance fees. What Sophie really likes, are the many benefits linked to the account.

Blocked savings account

The savings account that is blocked until the age of 18.

When saving means fun

Children aged between 6 and 12 automatically become members of the Tweenz-Club. Children can access special offers from commercial partners (cinemas, restaurants, language schools, theme parks, etc.) and participate in fun activities taking place all year round. They need only show their Tweenz-Club membership card!

Emma really enjoys herself thanks to the many advantages offered by the Tweenz partners!

When Emma turns 18, her blocked savings account will become an Axxess savings account and she will be able to do as she wishes with her money. The amount saved by her godmother might not be enough to open a medical practice but she should certainly be able to afford a real stethoscope! Thank you Auntie Sophie!

Discover the Tweenz-Club !

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