3rd September 2018

Pizza, tennis and film nights: reasons to keep an expense journal

It's the end of the month: Sophie and her friends are meeting for a cocktail at their favourite bar. Expenses come up in conversation and everyone wonders where their money went! Outings, pizza nights, Netflix membership, etc. NOT ONLY can we tell you where your money went, we can help you better manage it in the future.
femme consulte ses dépenses sur sa tablette avec son assistant digital

Monitor expenses in the digital era with MIA

Sophie doesn't consider herself a spendthrift, but at the end of the month she’s always amazed: she runs out of money at breakneck speed! Marc has been recommending the use of an old-fashioned expense journal for quite some time.

OK, we admit that’s rather old school! So why not rely on a financial tool that automatically tracks all income and expenditures? It would be even better if it could predict your available funds until the end of the month, right?

Thanks to MIA’s analytics, Sophie always knows how much money she has and is able to make informed decisions.

Well, this type of tool exists! As a Spuerkeess customer, Sophie has free access to MIA (My Intelligent Assistant), a digital assistant integrated into her S-net application. No more unnecessary purchases!

MIA provides a general overview and facilitates financial decision-making

Curious to know what Sophie's expenses look like? Let’s take a peek:

Wow Sophie, we finally found out where your money went! Shopping, outings and food are three of your major expenses. Maybe you should ask yourself if you really need to go out for lunch with your colleagues every day... A lunch box from time to time will do the trick. After all, Marc is a good cook! Why, you didn't know? CHECK OUT all of Marcs hobbies!