29th May 2020

Newcomer to Luxembourg? Learn more about how to manage your life in the Grand-Duchy

New job opportunities can equal new challenges, moving abroad being only one of them. Sophie and Marc met Shauna while visiting the USA and they have stayed in contact ever since. Now that Shauna has been offered a job in Luxembourg, she is happy to call upon Sophie’s and Marc’s help.

Move, live and work in Luxembourg

When Shauna was offered the job, she wasn’t sure what would await her in Luxembourg. What does it really mean, to move somewhere far away; to a country with a new culture, where numerous languages are spoken and where life is so different? The only thing she was sure about, was that she could count on her friends, to help her get to know the hotspots, meet some people and find the best neighbourhoods as well as a bank she can trust in.

Thanks to Sophie and Marc, Shauna accepted the challenge of the new job and was finally looking forward to embrace this new adventure and to see her children grow up in a multilingual environment.

Let’s see what is really important when changing your country of residence:

Spuerkeess – your bridge to life Banking for expats made easy

Shauna was surprised to see that Luxembourg is such a tiny, but beautiful, country which only has around 600.000 inhabitants (that’s not even half of the population of her hometown in the US), but she quickly discovered the advantages of such a tiny country. Being a fan of soothing nature, long standing history and culture as well as elegant shopping places, Shauna is amazed by the fact that all this can be found close by. Being only 82 km long and 54 km wide, Luxembourg definitely is a country of short distances, something you can take advantage of by discovering the country using the public transport that is free of charge.

Another advantage is that administrative paths are usually short. So, Sophie connects Shauna with one of her friends who works at Spuerkeess, one of the safest banks in the world.

Thanks to numerous collaborations with different partners, Spuerkeess offers a complete range of Expat services going from contracting insurances, via offering benefits for Berlitz language courses to connecting Shauna to some of Luxembourg’s most renowned relocation agencies.

If you are in a similar situation than Shauna, but still hesitate whether to accept the new job you were offered in Luxembourg, then learn more about our Welcome Offer for Expats and who knows, maybe one day you’ll meet Shauna, Sophie and Marc here in Luxembourg.